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Dark Sourdough Rye Bread (know as Black Bread or the traditional Eastern European bread)


195 g of rye sourdough (refreshed about 12 hours earlier)

220 g of water 30-37 C

350g dark rye flour

1 teaspoon cornish sea salt

20g melasses molasses (Meridian Organic cane sugar)


Mix all ingredients with a spoon and form a smooth dough - thick but pouring. Leave to rise for an hour. In the meantime, after half an hour, stir to degas the dough. Transfer to a 900g loaf tin sprayed with rapeseed oil and dusted with rye barn. Leave to rise. My bread, although warm, did not want to grow quickly and I had to wait about 3 hours, but finally it filled the form nicely. Bake 15 minutes at 230 degrees Celsius, then another 15- 20 minutes at 210 degrees Celsius. Leave on cooling rack, try next day. This kind of bread tastes best next day. Enjoy