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Danish Rye Bread

Ingredients for two large bread forms

270g Light rye sourdough starter

235g Rye kernels (Cover kernels in water and ad 2 tablespoon brown sugar and boil for 1 hour. Leave to cool and soak for 12 hours)

215g Cut Malted Rye Grains

390g Organic Dark Rye Flour

390g Organic Strong Plain White

Danish Rye BreadWater from the rye kernels. You might need more water than you get from the kernels.

9 tsp Sea salt

90g Linseed

235g Sunflower seeds


Mix all ingredients together to a sloppy dough. Put into two large bread forms. Cover with wet tea towel for 12 hours or till bread has risen 1/3. Prick about twenty holes in the bread with a skewer to let air out when baking, and bake in 200C hot oven for 75 minutes.

When the baking is finished leave to cool, but before it's all cooled down, put it in a plastic bag so a little moist will soften the crust. Otherwise the crust will be very hard.

Wait (if you can) till next day before tucking in.


This recipe is inspired by danish food writer Camilla Plum.