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Cream buns

Let them rise close together so they kiss, each being supported by its neighbour they attain more height and once baked, sensuously torn from this embrace reveal soft inviting sides.

Or make individuals as I have.

Either way, this cream buncan be dangerous…being in your house in quantity and very very moreish.

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600g Shipton mill organic strong plain white flour.

60g best unsalted butter

45g real brown sugar such as rapidura, or what u have on hand.

1 teaspoon malt extract

½ cup warm milk

1 cup warm water

30g freah yeast or 2 teaspoons organic dried yeast.

1 teaspoon salt.

Egg yolk with a little water for the glaze.


Mix the yeast with the warm milk, malt and enough flour to make a batter. Set aside for 15 minutes to activate. Dried yeast may take up to 30 minutes to become very active.

Making Cream Buns

Thoroughly mix the yeast combination into the flour with sugar and water. Add the butter, mix well then knead for 5 minutes. This is a soft dough. Place in a bowl inside a large plastic bag and keep in a warm place for 1 hour. It will double in bulk.

Re-knead for a few minutes, then allow 5 minutes to rest. Divide the dough into 12 pieces and round each into a ball shape. Place on an oiled or buttered or baking-paper covered baking sheet. Leave some space between each as these will expand and rise.

Cover with a cotton tea-towel and then a sheet of plastic. After 15 minutes, glaze with the yolk and water mix.

Bake in a 230 o oven for 10 minutes, then turn down to 200o for 10 minutes.

When cool, slit them open and spread a layer of good (preferably berry) jam. Cover with as much whipped or clotted or butter-cream as you like, replace the top piece. A few drops of vanilla should be added as the cream is being whipped. They don’t really need to be sprinkled with the white powder…enjoy the nice sheen.



80ml water

110g best honey

125g unsalted butter

1 teaspoon good vanilla essence.

Dissolve honey in the water by simply stirring well.


Beat the butter with vanilla until very creamy and white-ish. Slowly add the honey water while beating until well incorporated.



1/3 cup(85g) water.

220g unrefined sugar.

125g best unsalted butter.

½ t good vanilla essence.


Slowly cook the sugar and water over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Allow to cool and proceed as with honey crème.