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Cranachan from Scotland

Makes 4 large portions

250ml double cream

80g caster sugar

200g raspberries

60g Shipton Mill Pinhead Oats

2 tbsp Scottish heather honey

A good glug of your favourite whisky

Add half the sugar to the oats and roast in your oven or under the grill until golden brown (making sure not to burn it) then leave to cool.

Add the rest of the sugar to the cream and whip to soft peak.

Add in the cooled oats and raspberries, reserving some of the raspberries and oats for garnish and add as much whisky as you dare, stir in the honey.

Gently fold all together and spoon into glasses.

Garnish the top with the rest of the fresh raspberries and oats. I also added shortbread biscuits. Enjoy!