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Country sourdough


300 grams strong white

400 grams wholemeal

300 grams fig, spelt and sunflower seed flour

200 grams sourdough starter

700 grams water + an extra 75 gams if needed

2 grams sea salt


mix flours and salt

mix water and starter

mix both together and leave for 1/2 hour

stretch and fold over into 3 layers 4 times in the bowl or on a surface 4 times over 2 hours then leave to rise in a warm place or overnight in a cooler spot.

Fold again, divide into 2 fold and leave to rest 1/2 hour. Fold once more and place into floured bannatons or bowl with flourEd tea towels. Leave to rise for 2/3 hours, score, then bake one at a time in a blistering cast iron pot in the oven very hot for 20 mins then remove the lid and lessen the heat a bit for a further 20 mins or until the loaves sound hollow.