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Country blend rye sourdough



500g Shipton Mill untreated organic white flour
400g water
50g starter

Final dough:

950g Pre-ferment

300g Shipton Mill Canadian strong white flour
200g Shipton Mill dark rye flour
380g water
300g starter (SM untreated organic white flour & SM dark rye flour)
21g salt


Based on a schedule that works around life (and kids!) where most of the stages are carried out in the morning and evening.

Day 1: Evening. Mix ingredients for levain. Leave for 8-12hrs at room temp. Autolyse flour and water for final dough over night in large mixing bowl. Feed starter for use next morning.

Day 2: Morning. Add ingredients for final dough to large mixing bowl - water & flour, levain and starter. Mix by hand folding over repeadedly, adding salt at end. Stretch and fold 3-4 times every 30 mins or so. Allow about 2.5-3hrs for bulk fermentation. Divide and shape. Place loafs in baskets, bag up and leave in fridge.

Day 2: Evening. Place loafs on baking steel and/or dutch oven and add to pre-heated oven. Slash tops and cook for about 40 mins until crust is dark brown and caramelised. Leave to cool.