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Cornmeal Flour Praantha


- 250g (2 cups + 1tbsp) cornmeal flour

- 1 handful of fenugreek (washed, harm stems removed)

- 1 hot green chilli

- 1/4 of ginger

- Pinch of salt

- Hot water just off boil

- Butter and greek yoghurt to serve


1. Grind fenugreek leaves, ginger and green chillis in a food processor or chop finely by hand

2. Put the cornmeal flour into a bowl and mix the grinded/finely chopped in, then add in the pinch of salt

3. Pour in 3/4 cup of hot water, mix with a spoon

4. Knead with clean hands until the dough becomes firm. Add water if required

5. Heat a tawa or cast iron skillet on medium heat

6. Divide dough into 3 portions and knead each of the portions separately until soft

7. Then divide of the portions into 2 and make smooth balls

8. Take 1 ball and flatten it slightly and pat between your palms to make a 5 to 6" disc of medium thickness

9. Carefully lift the praantha and place it on a preheated tawa

10. Cook slightly on one side until crispy, then turnover with a spatula and cook the alternative side

11. Take off tawa and serve with a spread of butter and dollop of greek yoghurt