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Cookies, but better

Makes 20- 24 cookies (760g in weight)


108g white self- rising flour

1,5 teaspoon baking powder

39g brown sugar

84g semolina

115g oat groats (it needs to be soaked in water over night or some hours, then rinsed and drained well before usage)

84g dried unsweetened coconut

2 big full table spoons cacao nibs

110g of roughly chopped dried prunes

68g butter, cold and diced

100g tahini (approx. 2 full table spoons)

2 table spoons sour cream

90g golden syrup (runny honey would also be good, but syrup gives more caramelised flavour)


Dry ingredients:

Sieve flour and baking powder. add butter and work it into the flour, untill it looks like breadcrumbs. then mix in sugar, semolina, oat groats, coconut, cacao nibs and prunes at the end.

Wet ingredients:

Mix tahini and sour cream together, then add golden syrup and mix untill smooth and glossy. (no mixers needed, just a spoon)

Put dry and wet ingredients together, mix well.

On a floured tray scoop the dough using two teaspoons (just scooping with one and scraping out with the other on to the tray, making 3 cm high balls), leaving some space in between as cookies will get bigger when baking.

Cook in preheated oven, gas mark 4-5, just over 20 min, untill nicely golden brown.

(Two trays, or baking in two batches may be required, as it makes a lot of cookies)