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Cooked pinhead oatmeal breakfast with fruits and nuts!

Sumptuous Pin-head Oats - Secrets to making a perfect bowl every time

1. Cook Pinhead Oats for longer. Add one part pinhead Oats in a pan and add water to the same level. A good 20 minutes cooking and simmering time ensures you get the best-textured oatmeal and all the water would have been absorbed.

2. Add more liquid if necessary. If you prefer, add milk or non-dairy milk (almond, cashew or coconut) at the end.

3. For flavour, add non-sugar flavour boosters! You may wish to add a little vanilla extract or cinnamon to boost the flavour and to give a bit of sweetness without having to add sugar.

Though this simple recipe produces great tasting oatmeal breakfast, I usually add nutritious toppings. Here are some ideas from my counter-top! • Amazing with fresh or dried cherries • Sliced bananas • Bit of Honey • Pure Maple Syrup • Pecans • Almonds • Frozen berries • Raisins • Flax Seed • And..many more berries or chopped nuts and dried fruits!!