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Coffee and walnut cake

WET ingredients:
• 60ml coconut oil or other mild flavoured oil such as sunflower oil
• 120ml (or less) almond milk
• 60ml water (or less)
• 2 tbs yogurt
• 80ml filter coffee (plus one tsp espresso powder)
o OR 3-4 tsp espresso powder dissolved with the water at lukewarm temperature)
• 2-3 eggs (depending on size, three medium or two large)
o OR 3.5 tbs of aquafaba aka chickpea water for every egg

DRY ingredients:
• 250gr sifted all-purpose flour (whole-wheat flour needs more water)
• 1 tbs baking powder
• 100gr – about one cup walnuts
• 140gr caster sugar
o OR mixed with light brown sugar @ the same ratio
o OR 90gr caster sugar PLUS 70gr 50% dark chocolate chunks (or milk if preferred)

SOAKING syrup (optional):
• 2 tbs espresso powder
• 2 tbs hot water
• 2 tbs sugar or honey

1) Mix oil with sugar.
2) Beat aquafaba separately until it becomes frothy and add it to the mixture. OR beat eggs separately and then add them to the mixture. Mix softly with a wooden spatula.
3) Mix together the water with the coffee powder.
4) Add it to the mixture with the remaining wet ingredients.
5) Sift flour together with baking powder. Add them slowly-slowly in the mixture while making soft mixing moves in the figure of 8.
6) Pour the buttercream mixture in a pre-oiled loaf tin and bake it at 175ºC for 40-45’ or until knife pin-test comes out clean.

Optional: Add the soaking syrup as soon as the cake is out of the oven and it is still hot.