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Classic Round 1 day sourdough

500g Candian White flour

330g water

200g Sourdough starter

12g salt

Evening before bed

Feed your healthy starter with a mix of 1/1/1 (so if you gave 100g starter add 100g rye flour and 100g water), put your starter in the fridge overnight

Next Morning

Get your stater out of the fridge as you make your morning Tea / Coffee & add the 330g water to the 500g flour in a bowl mix and and cover with film of cloth - cover again after each step below

After 1 hour check your starter has risen enough (if it has continue if not leave another hour)

Mix in the 200g starter and the salt to the dough, folding in from outside to middle until all combined (couple minutes)

Fold your dough every 30 mins for 2 hours (1 or 2 minutes folding each time)

After 2 hours is up and your final folding, leave dough to rise for 2 hours

Drop dough on on a lightly floured counter and roughly shape then leave 20 minutes

final shape and then into you proofing bowl

cover the proofing bowl and leave to rise again for 2-3 hours

let oven heat up for at least 30 mins (for me temp is 250c)

turn out onto baking tray or into dutch oven (my prefered) score accross the top with a sharp knife and bake 25 minutes with the lid on and 15 minutes with the lid off until nicely golden

Leave to cool on a rack for at least 1 hour (it ewill still be slightly warm then)

cut and enjoy for dinner!