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Cinnamon wreath in Bundt tin


125gr yogurt
280ml water
15gr fresh yeast
2Tbsp sugar
1,5tsp salt
3 cups(250 ml cup) flour
2Tbsp butter
Cinnamon sugar for coating


Mix yogurt with warm water, sugar and yeast. Add all other ingredients and make the dough as usual. When done, divide the dough into equal amount of balls and roll them in cinnamon/sugar mixture. Place the balls in the bundt caketin, so that the balls touch. Let them rise and bake in the oven at 180C for 30min. May brush the top with egg yolk if not lazy. :) Great to break off the segments for sharing, always gets positive comments. We also love similar savoury version, substitute cinnamon and sugar coating with garlic granules and some smoked paprika. Add chilli flakes to the dough if feeing brave!