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Cider, Mixed Spice and Dried Fruit Sourdough

100g Sourdough Starter made with Dark Rye

300g Warm Cider

20g Honey

450g Shiptons No. 4 White flour

8g Sea Salt

1 tsp Mixed Spice

1 tsp Cinnamon

8oz Drief Saltanas and Cranberries


  • Grow starter over night
  • In the morning mixed Leaven and warm cider with honey mixed in.
  • Add flour and spices
  • Mix and rest, covered for 30mins then add salt and fold in. I do this in the bowl - about 12 folds, slowly mixing in the salt.
  • Cover and rest in warmth for 2hrs.
  • Lif and fold in the bowl about 6 times.
  • Cover and rest 2hrs.
  • Lift and fold in the bowl another 6 times.
  • Rest one hour.
  • Tip onto lightly floured surface SHAPE AND ADD FRUITas you fold into domed shape, create tension on the surface. Flour the top and cover.
  • Bench rest 1 hour.
  • Stretch slightly and fold into final shape. Create surface tension and place into a floured and lined banneton or bowl lined with a clean tea towel.
  • Pop in the fridge over night - smells amazing in the fridge!
  • Bake in the morning.
  • I put the bread onto parchement inside a Dutch Oven which is COLD with lid. This goes into a COLD oven.
  • Put heat up to 240* for 45 mins.
  • Reduce heat to 210* and remove lid, cooked for a further 5-10 mins depending on how well the surface is browned.
  • Remove and let it cool.