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CIA Wholemeal

200g Strong white

300g Wholemeal

400g water

8g salt

Approx 1/8tsp (3g?) dried yeast

Use whisk to mix dry ingredients

Add all the water in one go and use a plastic scraper/wooden spoon/your fingers to mix well

Don't bother to shape or knead - it will look a mess- be brave it will work!!

Cover and leave for around 12 hours and upto 18 hours - be intuitive (you can leave it for 24 hours but then use less yeast, say the end of a teaspoon's worth)

Turn the dough out onto a floured side and fold

After an hour repeat folding until the dough is holding its shape (2 or 3 folds total?)

Leave to prove again in a basket or loaf tin (like my new Cast Iron one!)

Bake for 25-30 mins at 220C

You can use a cast iron casserole dish as a Dutch Oven - Google Jim Lahey

Smaller loaf (400g flour/320g water) also works well if you prefer

This may seem like faffing about but I use this method most of the time now

Start the dough just before you go to bed

Shape the dough whenever ready (when you get in from work?)

Bake before you go to bed