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7 g of Dry active yeast

85g Caster sugar - using 10g for Active yeast where appropriate

150ml Warm Water for Active Yeast - filtered is better as it changes the PH and gives a better rise.

138ml Boiling Water

150ml Sunflour or Rapeseed Oil

3 eggs (two for bread and one for glazing)

Sesame or Poppy Seeds for Toppings


1) Get your Dry Active yeast going by whisking the yeast with warm water and 10g of caster sugar. (If you are going to use quick yeast then you can add it straight to your flour and increase the overall measures if boiling water and sugar accordingly.

After 15 minutes it should be bubbling up and ready to use. If it does not bubble it is dead, through it away and use a different supply.

2) In a separate bowl beat 2 eggs and set them aside.

3) In you main mixing bowl, add the sugar, salt oil and boiling water. mix together to melt the salt and reduce the temperature a little.

4) Add the beaten eggs to the main mixing bowl with the water and oil mixture and whisk well.

5) Gradually start adding your flour and mix until your dough gets too stiff for your machine and finish by kneading by hand for a few minutes.

6) Finish by rolling the dough into a ball, sealing it at the bottom.

7) lightly oil a large bowl (not usually necessary if using plastic) put the dough in and then cover gently preferably with cling film, or a teatowel, leaving enough material for the bread to rise. The cling film will stop any form of drying or flaking will make the shaping a lot easier.

8) Leave to bulk rise for 2 hours or so until the dough has doubled in size.

9) Put flour on your counter and then separate into three equal sized pieces, roll into sausages and then plait sealing each ennd well and leave to rise again on the baking tray for a further 30 minutes.

10) Whisk the 3rd egg, brush over the top to give th loaf a lovely shine and if desired sprinkle seseme or poppy seeds over the top.

11)Bake at 180 degrees for 30 minutes, take out and make sure it sounds hollow (if it doesn't leave it in for a few extra minuets) and let it cool on the tray.

Enjoy :)