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Chocolate & Cherry Sourdough


* 138g starter
* 300g water
* 15g kirsch
* 460g strong white bread flour
* 15g cocoa powder
* 6g sea salt
* 35g dark chocolate
* 60g dried cherries
* 6g fennel seeds


Mix and knead the ingredients:
Mix the water and starter together, then add the flour, cocoa powder, kirsch and salt.
Knead for about eight minutes.

Leave to rest for half an hour before folding.

Three folds, 45 mins between each.
Add the inclusion in at the final fold (fennel seeds and dried sour cherries).

Shape into a ball, and place into your proving basket, seam side up.
Prove outside the fridge for a couple of hours, firm up when it’s nearly proved in the fridge.
Bake at 230°C fan in a dutch oven.
Lid on 18 mins
Lid off 9 mins