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Cheese, Potato, Chilli Bread with Gram & Semolina Flour

Makes 4 individual breads


300g Traditional White Bread Flour

50g Fine Semolina Flour

50g Gram Flour

10g fresh yeast

100g strong cheese

300g boiled potatoes

5g salt (the cheese is probably salty)

300g approx water

half or 1 chilli per bread (so either 2 or 4 chillies) - dependent on heat of chilli and how hot you want them!


Mix all the flours together and rub in the yeast.

Mix in the cheese and chillies.

Add the potatoes and scrunch through to break then and distribute then through the flour.

Add the salt and water and mix to a soft dough, adding more water as needed. Knead until properly mixed and warmed up (5 minutes).

Cover and leave to rise in a warm place until almost double in size and puffy.

Spread the dough by dimpling (like focaccia) and then cut into 4 rough triangles.

Use a dough scraper to cut into shape required and place on 2 baking trays.

Cover and prove until puffy and risen. Bake in a fan oven at 210 C for 10 mins, swap the trays around in the oven for even baking, continue until golden brown/crisp (20-30 mins total dependent on how hot your oven is and how crisp you like them).