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Cheese & Garlic Sourdough loaf

300g bread flour (100%)

75g leaven (made from starter 12 hours before)

90g mature greated cheddar cheese (30%

9g crushed garlic (3%)

6g Sea salt (2%)

1/2 teaspoon caraway seeds

Mix all dry ingredients together

Add leaven

Add water

Mix by hand

Do not knead. But turn in the bowl every 40 minutes - leaving gluten to form itself over a period of 4 hours at room temperature.

After first rise, pour out dough onto worktop and gently fold (north south east and west). Try not to deflate the dough.

Roll into a loaf shape and place in a tin, or well floured banetton

Leave for second rise - about an hour at room temperature (You can also fridge it at this stage to bake later or following day)

Turn out onto a tray and top with cheese

Place in oven at 230 degrees C - spraying water in oven to create some steam

Reduce temperature to 210 after 10 minutes and bake for further 35 minutes