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Cheese and Onion Bread Rolls

Makes 12 rolls


2 large onions - finely chopped
3 tbspn olive oil
½ tspn cayenne pepper
½ tspn English mustard powder
100 g extra mature cheddar cheese 4 oz
25 g parmesan cheese - grated 1 oz
1 medium egg – beaten
681g very strong white bread flour 1lb 8 oz
2 tspn salt
1 tspn sugar
15g fresh yeast ¾ oz
397 ml warm water – hand hot 14 fld oz


01. Fry the onions in 2 tbspn of olive oil until soft
02. and start to brown and leave to cool.
03. Cream yeast and sugar together in a 1 pt glass jug.
04. Add the warm water, mix and set aside.
05. Put the very strong white bread flour, salt and 1 tbspn of olive oil
in a large electric mixer bowl bowl.
06. Add the cayenne pepper, English mustard powder and the grated cheddar and parmesan cheeses.
07. Stir in the onion, 1 tbspn of olive oil, and yeast, sugar and water mix.
08. Knead with a spiral dough hook for 11 minutes on speed 2 to form a dough.
09. Place dough in a large greased bowl and cover to rise for one hour.
10. Divide into 12 portions and work into rolls.
11. Put on a greased baking sheet(s), cover with clean tea towel(s).
12. Leave in a warm place to rise for one hour.
13. Pre-heat the oven to 240°c / 460°f / gas mark 7.
14. Brush the rolls carefully with beaten egg.
15. Bake on the one rung up from the middle shelf for 20 minutes or
until golden.
16. To test if the rolls are cooked, tap the bottom,they should sound hollow.
17. Cool on a baking wire.