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Cheats Pane Altamura


300g 00 (118) or Durum wheat flour

300g Semolina flour (507)

400g water

10g sea salt, ground fine

1/2 tsp yeast


Mix flours and yeast

Add all of the water and turn over thoroughly with your scraper

Cover and leave for between 40min - 1hour (Autolysis)

Work the dough until smooth then form into a ball - cover and leave for 1 hour

Refold into a ball and leave for 1 hour again

Repeat another once or twice (or not at all!)

Preheat oven to max with an empty tray in the bottom

After final prove turn out onto a non stick baking tray. Slash top and bake as your usual method or as follows:-

Put loaf into oven

Pour water into tray - creating steam

Close door and leave on max for 5min

Turn temp down to 220C and set timer for 25min

Have look and turn down to 210C for another 5-15min if you think it needs it