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Burger buns brioche

I've always lots of kefir so I decided to make these with kefir not buttermilk. I also used some leftover sourdough levan I had, but also added some yeast as backup!


All weights in grams

550 white shipton mill no 4 100%

11 salt 2%

40 sugar 7%

4 instant yeast

50 sourdough starter 10%

50 rapeseed oil - cold pressed so nice and yellow 10%

300 keifir milk 54%

one egg


mix wet ingredients in one bowl, put dry in KA and add together, mix on setting no 2 for 8 minutes, it will be very silky and come away from the bowl.

Bulk at 24c for 3 hours until double.

Turn out and cut into 100 gram peices.

Shape into burger buns or hot dog buns required, my bun shaping is a lot better than my hot dog shaping so more practice required.

placed on baking sheet two inches apart and sprayed top with oil, covered with a large plastic bag.

left to rise for 2 hours at about 26c

oven heated 180c

buns brushed with egg and topped with sesame, but poppy seeds looks nice too.

cooked for 15 minutes until top nice and brown.