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Bread stuffed with loveliness

I cheat by making the dough in a breadmaking


500g bread flour

5 eggs, boiled and peeled

5 slices parma or serano ham

200g grated cheese ( any tasty oddments)

Handful of fresh basil

I then add whatever I have available eg

Handful of black olives

sundried tomatoes



After proving knock back and roll into a rectangle approx 50cm x 20cm

Along the centre arrange all the filling ingredients

Pull one side of the dough up and over to create a cannelloni shape , then pull the ends round and pinch them together to form a doughnut shape.

Transfer to a floured baking sheet and leave to prove for 15 mins

sprinkle with flour and bake in a preheated oven 180 degrees C for 35 mins until golden

Cool on a wire rack before wrapping in a cloth ready to transport to your picnic....hopefully it will still be slightly warm when you get to eat it .