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Bread (akin to a sourdough?)


1 DESSERT SPOON MARMITE – whisk in mixing bowl with
320 ml WATER (roughly 110ml boiling and rest cold), then add
8g SALT and rough mix in
500g WHITE FLOUR AND 2g DRIED YEAST – will look a bit shaggy – leave overnight

In the morning: scrape into rough ball on floured greaseproof and leave for 1 hour during which time you light oven to about 220 and put in oven to heat up a casserole dish or tagine or metal type saucepan with lid. Then lift dough into hot dish and bake for 30 mins, remove lid and bake for a further 5 mins

VOILA – no kneading and no real mixing!!

p.s. Photo shows two loaves - doubled up the ingredients - bake for a friend