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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Sourdough Bread



200 grams white strong flour
140grams water
50 grams sourdough starter
5 grams salt


200 grams bread flour
5 grams blue pea flower, mixed with 140 grams of boiling hot water
50 grams sourdough starter
5 grams salt


For the plain sourdough, start by mixing the flour with water in it's own container and let sit for 1 hour. Do the same with the colored pea flour water with the flour in it's own container and let sit for 1 hour. Add the starter to the respected dough, still keeping them in separate containers.

After another hour, add the salt to each dough and mix. Let each dough sit for another hour.

There are 2 different ways to develop gluten strenght, strech and fold or coil fold. Do it with 45 minutes breaks.

Normally I would do this previous step 3-4 times, depending of the tempreture and keep watching the dough.

Let the dough rest for 1-2 hours this will let the dough rise.

Start laminating the dough by placing one on top of each other, folding on top of each other like an envelope for 4 turns.

Preshape the mixed dough and let is sit for 30 minutes.

After 30 mintes the dough should be rady for the final shaping.

Dust the banneton with rice flour and place the finally shaped dough into the banneton and put it into the fridge.

I was experimenting with this and after the dough has cooled down in the fridge you can bake it on the same day or you can leave it overnight in the fridge.

For baking pre-heat the oven with the D/O inside for 30-45 minutes 250 celsius.

Pleace the dough into the oven after scoring nicely and bake it covered for 25 minutes on 250 celsius, and 15 minutes uncovered on 220 celsius.

After all that let it cool down, cut is and enjoy.