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Biscuits for dogs

4 oz or 200g flour

1 egg

a small handful of chopped fish or liver or other meat to flavour.

1. Measure out the flour - I usually use about half wholemeal, half plain white or any flour that I have - if you use self raising or bread flour the biscuits might look a little odd but your dog won't mind.

2. Mix in the egg - again the egg can be a bit aged - provided it hasn't actually gone bad (if it has gone bad it will be sulphurous when you crack it open- quite unmistakable!).

3. Then mix in some flavouring: chopped or liquidised raw liver works well, as do one or two tinned sardines. I have also used (defrosted) white fish or smoked haddock that has been in the freezer rather too long and got a bit 'burnt'. My labrador didn't seem to mind!

4.Spread the mixture out or roll it across a baking tin (it will probably be quite wet), and bake for about 10 minutes at about 180C until the top looks browned. Or in a much cooler oven for longer. Again, it doesn't really matter - if in a cooler oven the biscuits will be softer/ cakier and in a hotter oven crisper - your dog will appreciate them regardless.

5.Cut or break into pieces of a suitable size for your dog while still warm.

6.Will keep in a bag in the fridge for a few days, or can be frozen and then defrosted for future use.