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Best Sourdough Ever

200g 100% sourdough starter (maintained with 50% light rye and 50% white)

300g ship tin mill tripe malt and sunflower flour

350g white or brown flour

10g salt

400g lukewarm water

mix all together at about 5pm and stretch and fold in the bowl. Put a shower cap over the bowl and leave at room temp. Between 5pm and bedtime return to the bowl and stretch and fold in the bowl a few times. try to revisit bowl 2-3 times over the evening. At bedtime turn out onto floured surface and fold and shape then turn into floured proving bowl. cover with shower cap and pop in fridge overnight. in morning set overnight to 240 with dutch ove in to heat. Turnout dough onto grease proof paper, score with lame and pop in heated dutch oven then into oven and turn down to 220 for 35 mins. Remove loaf from dutc oven and return 'naked' to the shelf for 10 mins. Done!