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BBQ / fire pit garlic and parsley flatbreads

For the flatbread

400g bread flour

Big dollop of natural yoghurt

Generous pinch of salt

Enough cold water to form the mix into a dough (about 200ml)

For the topping

Mix 2 crushed garlic cloves and handful of finely chopped parsley in some olive oil

Mix all the flatbread ingredients to form a bread dough

Take a piece about the size of a large golf ball.

Roll it until it is about 3-5mm thick

Over very hot BBQ (or on a grill over a fire pit) – place over heat

Flatbread will cook very quickly. Wait about 30 seconds until the flatbread starts to puff / bubble.

If it starts to smoke, turn over and repeat cooking on flip side.

Remove from heat using tongs and brush one side straight away with the garlic/parsley/oil.

Flatbread should be crispy-chewy-charry-garlicy-herby.