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Basler Brot

It is a pure wheat bread To increase the amount of water while keeping the dough easy to handle I added a hot soaker. This helps to create a soft crumb. A little bit of butter helps here, too.


For the poolish

330gr Swiss dark flour

330ml water

2gr fresh yeast

For the hot soaker

180gr swiss darl flour

480mk water



Hot soaker

490gr Swiss dark flour

20gr salt

15gr butter

15gr honey or malt extract

15gr fresh yeast


Mix water, flour and yeast for the poolish and ferment it overnight (10 to 12 hours).

For the hot soaker mix flour and boiling water and let it cool for 30 min.

Mix all ingredients for the dough until well combined and let it and ferment for 2 hours. Give the dough a fold every 30 min.

Form two long loaves and place them on a baking tray in a way that the breads touch each other on the short side.

Proof for 90 min.

Oven with steam 230C for 40m till the bread gets a rich dark colour.