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Basic Sourdough

I've included my schedule below - I use a Brod and Taylor Proofer

6:00 Sourdough Levain - 30g mature rye starter, 60g rye flour, 60g water 1.2. Put in proofer @27c
10:30 Autolyse 450g Strong White Flour (13.4% Protein) 25g (Canadian Strong Wholemeal 15% Protein) 25g (Organic Rye and Spelt 11%) 325g water (60%) (26c)
12:00 Mix 100g Mature Starter - combine, Mix 10g (2%) fine sea salt combine, Knead by slap and fold method 7mins, leave to rest 2 mins, then gentle slaps until rounded
12:30 Put in Proofer 27c
13:00 Stretch and fold
13:30 Stretch and fold
14:00 Stretch and fold
14:30 Stretch and fold
15:00 Stretch and fold
15:30 Stretch and fold
15:30 - 17:30 Final Prove - nice and gassy, held it's shape reasonably well, did the window pane effect
17:30 Pre shape
18:00 Final shape - place in Banneton
18:30 Fridge overnight
Notes Following final stretch and folds, upped temp to 29oc which seemed to set it off fermenting nicely

Following day

Heat oven to 250oc and put in pizza stone and metal casserole pot

After 1 hour, remove dough from fridge, empty on to stone, score quickly and place in oven covered by casserole lid.

After 20 mins, remove lid, reduce oven to 230oc and cook for further 20 to 25 mins