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Bara Bigoud - Breton Buckwheat Sourdough Bread

This is for a 75% hydration, 1/3 buckwheat soughdough loaf.


175g Sourdough starter

350ml Water

150g Shipton Mill Organic Buckwheat Flour

350g Shipton Mill Organic White Flour (704)

15g Salt

Semolina flour or rice flour to line your banneton


1. Get your starter going in your usual way.

2. Mix your flours together in a bowl and set aside.

3. Mix your soughdough starter and the water together in a large mixing bowl and wisk to oxygenate.

4. Add your mixed flours and mix together with a metal spoon to form a ball of firm but sticky dough.

5. Cover the bowl with a damp tea towl and leave to autolyse at room temperature for a couple of hours before sprinkling on and fully turning in the salt.

6. Leave to rise at room temperature for a couple of hours then fold the dough with a spoon, quarter turn and repeat 4 times.

7. After 30 minutes repeat the folding proceedure.

8. Rest for 15 minutes. Meanwhile flour your banneton well with semolina flour or rice flour and pop in your dough, cover again and rise for a few hours at room temperature until risen to nearly fill your banneton.

9. Put the covered banneton into the fridge overnight.

10. In the morning preheat your oven and bakestone to 230 Celcius. Taking the banneton straight from the fridge, dust the surface with semolina and flip the loaf out onto your bakestone.

Bake at 230 C for 30 minutes, reduce to 200 C for 15 minutes and finally reduce to 180 C for final 5 - 15 minutes as suits you for colour and crust.

Great with salty butter, sardines or cheese & ham.