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Baquette épis au levain (sourdough)

Start with a simple fairly high hydration dough. Total is 1.2 Kg of dough.


- 600g white bread flour (in which you can mix 50g of spelt or rye, just to enhance the flavour)

- 400g water

- 200g sourdough starter (from from white bread flour)

- 8g salt (low salt content, you can go up to 10.8g if you follow the french system of 18g of salt per Kg of flour)


I use a stand mixer, and let the dough rest for 24h at room temperature (18-19°C).

Make 3 equalt parts of 400g each and shape in a baguette. Let it rest 20-30 min, then cut the dough with scissors starting from one end. Each time you cut, push the dough on one side, alternating the sides as you move across the baguette.

Put in a 250°C oven with steam (splash some water at the sart) for 20-25 min.