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Banana Tahini Chocolate Bread


3 mashed (more or less) ripe banana
1/3 cup plain plain yogurt
1/3 cup tahini (sesame seed paste), well stirred
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1 ½ cup Shipton Mill all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 ounces bittersweet baking chocolate, finely chopped
1 teaspoon white sesame seeds
1 teaspoon black sesame seeds
-- if it is not sweet enough for you, you can add a few tablespoons of honey --


Step 1 - Preheat oven to 175°C. Coat a 9- x 5-inch loaf pan with oil.

Step 2 - Combine banana and next 5 ingredients (through eggs) in a large bowl; beat with an electric mixer at medium speed until combined. Add honey if using; beat until combined.

Step 3 -Combine flour, baking soda, and salt in a bowl, stirring with a whisk. Add flour mixture to banana mixture; beat just until combined. Fold in chocolate. Pour batter into prepared pan; sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Step 4 - Bake at 175°C for 55 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in pan 10 minutes on a wire rack. Remove bread from pan; cool completely.