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Banana Muffins

3 spotty bananas (as dark as you like) you can freeze them till you have 3, you can also substitute one for a grated apple or pear!

10oz plain flour (or wholemeal for a more wholesome finish)

1tsp baking powder

1tsp bicarb

4 oz gran sugar

3 oz melted butter (or 3 fl oz oil)

1 egg

2fl oz milk or water

muffin or cup cake trays / oven 170 fan / 190 conventional.

1. Sift flour and dry ingredients

2. peel and mash bananas (if they are fresher, chop a little with a knife)

3. Add the sugar, beaten egg, butter and milk and stir well

4. Lightly mix wet and dry ingredients together.

5. Spoon into cases (will do around 12 muffin cases, or split between 12 cupcakes, and a few mini muffins if you have smaller people around!

Larger muffins take 20-25mins at 190 degrees conventional oven, (or 170 fan)

smaller muffins will take 10-15

Test with a squewer to check if comes out dry.

You can of course substitute a couple of tablespoons of flour for cocoa, add chocolate chips, or, sultanas / raisins for variations!

Icing is nice!! but good and moist without!!