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Baguettes made with pre-ferment

Mix 1/4 tsp dried yeast with 125g warm water. Add 125g flour and mix. Cover and leave overnight

In a seperate bowl mix 1/4 tsp dried yeast with 140g warm water and mix. Add this and mix with the pre-ferment.

Add 300g Shipton french type flour and 5g salt and mix together, leave for 10 mins.

Knead by pulling up and folding 8 times, leave for 10 mns and repeat twice. Leave for 1 hour.

Divide into three and knead gently into rectangle shape. Rest for 15 mins .

Rollout into stick shapes, lay onto linen cloth covered in flour. Leave for 1 hour.

Pre heat oven to 240 Deg C and put tray in bottom

Dust baguettes with flour on baking sheet and slash with razor blade

Place in oven with cup of water in the tray.

Bake for 15 - 20 mins