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1.5kg Flour - either Organic White No.4 or French White Type 55

1/4 teaspoon fast acting dry yeast

975 ml water

3 teaspoons salt

Evening before baking:

- in a very large bowl add 500g of the flour, 500 ml of water and the yeast

- mix with a spoon, cover and leave at room temperature

Baking day:

- your mixture will show visible signs of bubbling

- add the remaining ingredients (1kg flour, 3 teaspoons salt, 475 ml of water)

- bring mixture together in the bowl

- removed the mixture from the bowl and knead for 10 mins

- return your kneaded dough to the bowl and cover

- allow dough to double in size (usually 2 to 3 hours)

- divide your dough into 10 pieces of approximately 250g each

The following steps can be done in batches to make things easier:

- shape each piece of dough and roll out to approx 15 inches long

- prove for 20 mins on baguette racks if you have them (or on a ridged, floured tea towel if not) covered with a tea towel

- after 20 mins make three angled overlapping slashes down the length of each baguette

- bake in the oven at around 220 degrees for 22 minutes

- remove from the oven and enjoy....