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Another French Baguettes recipe

- Water: 370-380 g water
- White flour: 600 g
- Salt: 9 g (I use 15g salt / kg dry flour)
- Sourdough starter: 100 grams from white flour (that's 100% hydration)

the dough starts at 62% hydration, before adding the starter.

Alternatively, you can split the 600g of white flour into 550g white + 50g wholemeal, to add more flavour.

In a stand mixer, the day before, put the salt in tepid water, then top it with the flour and then top it with the starter. Turn the mixer on and mix for 5 min. Then put in a covered bucket for the night at room temperature (around 18°C).
The trick here is the slow fermentation at cool temperature.
No need to fold or to put in the fridge.

The next morning, shape the baguettes (I make 3 with the dough) and let them proof on a couche for 1h (yes at least) or in a curved mold (see picture). scoring along the length of the baguette. The oven should be at 250°C. Splash some 1 cup of water before baking for 15-20 mins.