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A Sourdough style loaf using Sekowa Special Baking Ferment

I am new to this bread making thing and have failed miserably at trying to get a sourdough starter to work and keep going. I came across Sekowa and it doesn't need the attention that a traditional; starter needs so I was on my way. After a making a few white loaves I began to vary the ingredients and this is my latest and best l;oaf so far.

I used the Sekowa recipe sheet that comes with the granules but used Shipton Mill flours as follows but halfed the quantities):



10g (or 1tbsp) Sekowa Baking Ferment Starter
3g (or 1tsp) Sekowa Baking Ferment Granules
400g Strong white flour (I used 50% White No4 & 50% Stoneground Wholemeal No 706)
15g of Diastatic Malt (available from Shipton Mill but not on their website)
_x0003_400g lukewarm water

I left this at room temp for 12-14 hrs overnight before making the main dough.

Main Dough

950g Strong white flour (I used the 75% No 706 + 25% Organic Light Malthouse No 301)
18g table salt
500g very warm water (about 55 ° C) (I used water at the same temp as the flour ~ 24°C)


The dough is quite wet so needs careful kneeding. After this I let it double in volume (about 60 mins) before folding and shaping into a proving basket and leaving for a further hour. I used a Le Creuset Pot in the oven heated to 240°C and then baked the bread for 40 mins (i.e. half size loaf). You may need to leave it for longer depending on the oven. I took the lid off the pot after 15 mins to help it develop the crust.

Here is the final result. I would love to know others experiences of using Sekowa Special Bakferment as there is very little online.