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900G / 2lb Wholemeal tin loaf

Wholemeal tin loaf 900G / 2lb

350g wholemeal flour

150g strong white flour

280g water (I use tap water) slightly warm

10g sea salt (not table salt)

7g instant yeast (straight into flour away from salt)

50g rapeseed oil or olive oil (any will do)

I mix in my Kitchenaid mixer, you can do it by hand

Mix both flours in bowl

Add salt and yeast to separate ends of bowl

Add water and oil and put on slow speed for 3 mins. then on medium speed for 7 mins. until silky and smooth and stretchy

Remove from bowl and make into tight ball

Add 5ml oil to bowl

Add dough back to bowl

Cover and leave for 1hr to 1hr 30 mins. until double in size (depends on how warm your kitchen is)

You can cover with tea towel or cling film or unused shower cap