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75/25 white/wholemeal split sour dough loaf

Recipe is as follows

To make the leven I\'m using 25g starter, 100g of rye, 100ml of water.


750g White Organic Spelt Shipton Mill Flour

250g Wholemeal Organic Shipton Mill stone ground flour



Added the leven to 650ml of water, mixed then add that to the flours, autolysis (or in english just leave for 45- 60 mins covered)

after this I then mix

16g salt, 50ml water

some slap and folds in the mixing bowl ( 5mins)

4 stretch and folds spaced 30 mins apart.

Total bulk fermanation around 3 -5 hours depending on room temperature.

(if the kitchen is cold I turn the oven on for 3 mins then just leave it in there)

Then pre shape, leave for 20 mins, shape add to bannetons cold proof in fridge for 12 to 18 hours.

Then bake, Hopefully you have a nice loaf! :-)