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50% Wholemeal sourdough bread


250g white flour (No.4)

250g stoneground wholemeal flour (706)

200g sourdough starter 100% hydration

400ml water

10g maldon sea salt


Refresh your starter the night before with 50g starter, 100g flour, 100ml water.

Following morning: reserve 50g of the ripe starter for the next bake ( I usually keep mine in the fridge between my weekly bread baking)

Mix the remaining 200g starter with the 2 types of flour and water. Leave to develop for 20-40 minutes (= autolyse)

Add the salt and knead for 3-4 minutes (I tend not to knead too long with the wholemeal flour for fear of the sharp bran cutting the gluten strands)

Leave to bulk for 4 hours with 2-3 folds every half hour.

Bench rest then shape and place in the banneton

2 hours fermentation

then Oven 240°C for 20 minutes followed by 210°C for 35 minutes.

Wait half an hour if you can before slicing then enjoy!