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30% Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Spelt @66% Hydration

This recipe is a hybrid of sourdough and yeast, due to wanting the final fermentation with the 30% spelt included, to only be 90 minutes in duration.
This final loaf does not have any sour notes, which I personally do not favour, but has a deep nutty flavour, and is best suited to either toasting for breakfast, or naked with cheese. I find using a 1.6% of total flour as the salt ratio to be acceptable for my taste.
Check the fairly open crumb, and fairly thick crust, as I like it....

Day One - Prepare for next morning

20% Ripe Brown Sourdough @60%
120g sourdough mother from fridge
75g Brown 81%
45g Water
200g sourdough feed
125g Brown 81%
75g Water

30% Yeasted Starter @80%
300g Strong White
240g Water
.5g dry yeast

50% New Hydrated Flour @60%
300g spelt
200g strong white
300g water
16g salt

Day Two – Combine, Mix and Bake

07 am Add 2.5g dry yeast + Ripe Brown Sourdough + Yeasted Starter + New Hydrated Flour to a large bowl.
Put the bowl in a warm water (35°c) sink | bath to have the dough in a warm environment between 07:00 – 07:15.
Incorporate all the ingredients and fold and stretch together in the bowl for approximately 8 minutes until the dough has come together well, and the dough is stretchy and shiny, then rest for 5 minutes in sink bath!

07:15 Weigh, shape and place final dough in an appropriate floured basket or tin, and cover for 30 minutes.

07:45 Oven on gas mark 9 with cast inside if using, and place the final dough on | near the oven to get the warmth, uncover the basket or tin.

08:30 Place basket dough into hot cast and score top of dough and put in oven with its lid on, or place tin directly in oven.

09am Lower oven to Gas mark 7
Turn the cast dish and remove the cast dishes lid.

09:08 Check loaf for >92°c internal temperature and ensure the top is not burning, add the lid back if appropriate, and bake for further 7 minutes.

09:15 All done, if not turn oven off and remove loaf from cast dish and leave in oven with door open for 5 minutes