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3 Malts Malthouse Loaf

I use a Panasonic breadmaker, and add the ingredients exactly in the order given. Your breadmaker may vary!

150g white flour (I usually use organic white no. 4), 100g Organic 3 Malts and Sunflower brown flour, 5g (or 1 tsp) salt, 15g chia seeds, 25g Five Seed Blend, 150g Organic Light Malthouse flour, 90g Stoneground Wholemeal flour, for a total of 535g flours etc. The seeds could be omitted, if you don't have them to hand.

40g plain yogurt, plus 330g water to make 370g liquids. I make my own yogurt, strain it, and use the whey instead of some or all of the water.

15g malt extract (you can use honey, or sugar instead), 15g olive oil (you could use unsalted butter instead).

I use the basic, large loaf, medium crust programme, but the French programme also works very well, and gives a crisper crust

The same recipe works well using Swiss Dark flour instead of the 3 Malts & Sunflower.