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2 x 1,5KG Scalded Spelt @100% Hydration

In advance prepare the scalded paste, with the remaining water requirement and salt incorporated.

Method, pour the boiling 1.256G of water over the 300G of spelt flour and 25.5G of salt, and stir and combine, ensuring all of the flour and salt are hydrated and incorporated with the water.
You may use a hand or automatic wisk, and it should only take a minute or so to complete. It will need to cool before being incorporated with the Sourdough, ensure it is around 22C.

20% Scalded Spelt Paste

300G Spelt flour

1,256G Boiling water

25.5G Salt - 1.7%

25% Ripe Sourdough @65% - whatever your starter is

375G Flour

244G Water

Light Spelt or Strong White Flour

825G Flour

Once the paste has cooled to <25°C add the Ripe Sourdough first and fully incorporate into the paste.

Next add the 825G Flour slowly, once the new flour is hydrated, end with a gentle mix for 5 minutes.

The glutens are typically weak and do not require much mixing.

Allow to rest for 60 minutes covered, and then divide the wet mixture into two oiled and dusted tins.

Cover both tins and let them rest for approx 150 to 180 minutes, depending on the room temperature.

When the top of the loaves exhibit small signs of pock marks and generally look to have bulked up, and before they look like they may collapse, turn the oven on to 190°c Gas mark #5

Bake for 60 minutes, covering the tops if they look to catch and brown too much.

Test its baked by gently removing from their tin and pressing the sides and bottom gently. They need to spring back and sound hollow.

This baked loaf will keep for a week easily if covered and you can resist it!

It reminds me of a crumpet when toasted, I always slice it thick, to get the most moist experience.