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100% wholemeal loaf ... with a difference.

3/4 tsp Allinson easy bake yeast. 300gm of wholemeal flour. 175gm coarse wholemeal flour. 2 tsp sea salt (I use Hymalayan salt)

1 tsp demerara sugar. 1 tbs millet. 1 tbs chia seeds. 28gm (1oz) butter. 350ml water.

Now, for this recicpe I prepare the dough in my Panasonic SD 2500 bread maker on the dough (17) setting.

Turn out dough onto floured surface (no 2nd kneading required) shape and put in loaf tin. I use a King Arthur (American) loaf tin which I can thoroughly recommend.

Let it rise to whatever size you prefer, then 200 degrees (fan oven) for 25 minutes.