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100% "Light" Rye Sourdough bread

Rye levain:

120gm rye starter

120gm water at 27c

120gm Organic Light Rye Flour type 997 (601)

let it rise for about 4-6 hours (depend on the room temp.)


500gm Organic Light Rye Flour type 997 (601)

10gm Fine Organic sea salt

360gm Water (roomtepm.)

Autolyse 1hour

the Organic Light Rye Flour+sea salt+Water

350gm Rye levain (see above)

Mix the Rye levain together with the autolysed part using kitchenaid or any other dough mixer.

Keep kneed it about 10-12 min.

it won't come together as other regular will be sticky.

Using an touch oil shape to random ball shape, place back to the kitchen aid bowl what is been slightly oiled.

Covered with plastick bag and let it rest/rise for 2-4 hour.

Knock it down the dough on the floured board and shape the dough to fit in your proofing basket/ bannatone.

Covered fully with plastic bag and rest in the fridge for 12-14 hours.

Preheat the oven for 250c for 30min-1hour

I bake my loaf in pyrex glass dish with lid on for 40min at 220c and with out lid for other 10 min.

Have fun!