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White Bread Recipes

Easy white bread

An easy to make chewy white loaf which uses 00 flour and requires little kneading.

Added by: Gina Dutton | Tags: Bread, White

Olive Tapenade Tear 'n' Share

This tear 'n' share bread is perfect for parties and family events, filled with either homemade olive tapenade or cheat like me and buy it from the shops. Can also be done with chocolate spread or peanut butter for a lovely sweat treat!

Added by: Matt Callaway | Tags: Bread, White, Savouries

Bread for Larger Family

Fill your house with the smell of home cooked fresh bread which is better than any shop bought bread

Added by: georgina hodgkinson | Tags: Bread, White

Country Bread

Basic Country Bread recipe made with love and care!

Added by: Konstantinos Kavakiotis | Tags: Bread, White


A high hydration boule using a banneton

Added by: Faye Dagger | Tags: Bread, White

Scottish White Rolls for the Square Sausages

Soft Scottish White Breakfast Rolls - this recipe has eluded me and many home bakers for years and I now think I have perfected it, so much so I have many people home and abroad looking for my recipe.

Added by: William McGregor | Tags: Bread, White, Rolls

My sourdough

A very simple organic sourdough that you can add seeds to if you want to add interest

Added by: samantha Barfoot | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Rustic White Bloomer

A white bloomer with a small ammount of wholemeal flour for added flavour and texture.

Added by: Colin Goodgroves | Tags: Bread, White

Seeded White Sourdough with airing cupboard fermentation

This recipe produces a sesame sourdough with an airy crumb and a good crust. The loaf has a subtle sour tang and a big sesame flavour and is very moreish! This sourdough uses the airing cupboard for a speedy fermentation, the warmer temperature decreases fermentation time and increases the production of acid. The dough is proved in the fridge overnight to give it a better oven spring next morning. The schedule assumes a Final Dough Temperature of 26-27C, I adjust my water temperature to get the dough in this range to match the ambient temperature of my airing cupboard (which fluctuates between 25-28C). The dough works fine outside these temperatures, but the timings might lengthen.

Added by: fourjays | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Beautiful Ciabattas

Ciabatta’s are easy to make and these are wonderfully soft on the inside & have a lovely creamy colour from the Shipton Mill Ciabbata Flour. This recipe makes 4. It is a soft & sticky dough, but they really are worth making!

Added by: Judith Ryder | Tags: Bread, White, Ciabatta

(Maltese bread)

Malta is famed as serving some of the best bread in the world. The use of a ‘Tinsila’ a piece of yesterday’s old dough, is used as a starter, much in the same way as for sourdough. Here’s my take on their classic.

Added by: Daleconnolly | Tags: Bread, White

Chewy, flavourful bagels

Chewy on the inside and a great crust on the outside. Topped with poppyseeds. Uses a mixer and dough hook for ease. We love ours filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese!

Added by: Catherine Smith | Tags: Bread, White, Buns, Seeds

Soft & Fluffy White Japanese Hokkaido Loaf

This recipe uses a tangzhong, which is basically a roux you make up from the flour and water (or milk) from your quantities you would use in the recipe. Added to a dough, once cooled, it makes the crumb very soft and pillowy, and also extends the shelf life.

Added by: Frank550 | Tags: Bread, White

Floury white baps.

Pillow soft floury white baps, great oven spring. Try them and you'll never go back to shop bought.

Added by: Emily Banks | Tags: Bread, White, Rolls

White wheat sourdough bread

A pure white wheat loaf made with white wheat sourdough. Very simple recipe although it will need more time for the sourdough starter and the dough to grow compared to rye.

Added by: Michel Osca | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Everyday White Loaf

Crisp crust with a beautiful soft crumb. Perfect for sandwiches and delicious mini loaves to go with soup

Added by: Lorraine’s Bakehouse | Tags: Bread, White

Chilli cheese and onion bread

A chilli/cheese/onion flavoured wholemeal bread, with a rich cheesy crust. Light in texture, and if a stronger flavour is preferred, hotter chilli’s can be substituted! It is a modified 50:50 wholemeal loaf recipe which uses a (Panasonic SD-2500) bread machine for much of the work.

Added by: ljw | Tags: Bread, White, Savouries

One Day White Loaf

Makes two delicious loaves with soft chewy open crumb, will take the majority of the day, and is quite slack (high hydration) so beginners beware!

Added by: woodywoop | Tags: Bread, White

Organic White Sourdough

This is a very simple white sourdough using my wholemeal rye starter, a good all round basic loaf, requires no kneading and is beginner friendly even at just over 70% hydration

Added by: Rob on the Allotment | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

The perfect loaf for toast

The best white toast is crisp on the outside but warm and flavoursome on the inside. This is the secret to perfect crunchy toast, every time - thanks to the spelt.

Added by: Hi Fans | Tags: White, Spelt

Hot steaming sourdough

Sunday morning treat of freshly baked country sourdough loaf inspired by Tartine using Shipton Mill and a starter that originated in San Fransisco and got to us via Coomeshead farm bread making workshop ... we haven’t brought bread for over 5 years ...

Added by: Terry Hembrow | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Golden Bloomer

This loaf provides a slice of love and happiness. Its golden colour is due to Saffron, which not only radiates sunshine but is super healthy, containing antioxidants, whose antidepressant properties protects brain cells and improves inflammation. The honey gives a glorious depth of sweetness. The classic bloomer shape and distinctive markings emits slashes of splendid yellow contrasting with the white floury exterior. You can’t help but smile when you see it. Divine with cheese and makes a heavenly bread and butter pudding.

Added by: Rosie Clark | Tags: Bread, White

Black Treackle seeded Bread

This bread is absolutely delicious! You will have to force yourself to put the loaf down! it's also very easy to do. My first attempt was a 100% success.

Added by: Tetyana Shumska | Tags: Bread, White, SweetBread

Yoghurt bread

This is a sour dough cheat, tasting enough like the real thing that it slows down the two-legged mice living with me who prefer and wolf down "normal" bread.

Added by: allonestring | Tags: Bread, White

My loaf

Amazing white bread that you cannot leave alone!! Will make 2 good sized loafs, or numerous white rolls if wanted. I normally cook one loaf on the day and after the second rise place 2nd shaped bread in the fridge overnight, and after leaving at room temp for an hour or two, cook in same way.

Added by: HELEN ZIRAOUI | Tags: Bread, White


Soft, fluffy & crispy focaccia. Add your favourite flavours and toppings as you wish. Simple & easy!

Added by: Gareth Chilton | Tags: Bread, White, Focaccia

The simplest white sourdough bread

If you've always wanted to make sourdough but are afraid to try, this is the recipe for you! Because of its high hydration, this loaf is simple to make with a hand-held mixer and dough hooks. It uses only the simplest ingredients (flour, salt and water) and tastes delicious. The texture is chewy and the crust is crisp. It smells delectable when it comes out of the oven. The recipe is adapted from Sam & Sam Clark's fabulous book, Moro: The Cookbook.

Added by: A Fermenter | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

New Flour Experience French White Flour - Type 55

Basic White Loaf, Easy and Tasty After an enforced break from regular baking and having run out of stock I decided to try a different Flour (French White Flour - Type 55 (102)) to my usual. The results have inspired me to share this simplest of recipes.

Added by: Rob on the Allotment | Tags: Bread, White, French

Basic sour dough bread

After many years of prevarication, I finally succumbed to the pull of sour dough! This recipe is very straightforward to make sour dough, the only thing you need is time for proving! This recipe uses the 'sponge' method. This recipe is certainly not mine, it comes from the River Cottage Bread book. If you want a good general introduction to bread making, of all types, this book is a fantastic place to start. This bread takes about 36 hours to make. You will have to make a sour dough 'starter', which, if you have not got one already, needs to be started a week before this recipe. This sounds a lot of time and hassle, but once your starter' is going, it really is no trouble at all. I used the starter recipe from the River Cottage bread book. The starter 'recipe' is included at the bottom of the recipe.

Added by: SimonP | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Onion and Thyme Bread

This is a bread that I have been making for a few years now and have arrived at this recipe by experimentation. The quantities of onion and thyme seem to work OK but can be varied to suit personal taste. For some reason unknown to me, I find this bread does actually keep fresh for a day or two longer than a basic bread, although the aroma of the onions and thyme make it so appetising to me that it rarely has chance to go stale.

Added by: Peter Foster | Tags: Bread, White, Savouries

White Crusty Loaf

White loaf - soft on the inside and crusty shell (baked in Lekue bread baker)

Added by: Elizabeth Patock | Tags: Bread, White

Simple Baguette

A very simple baguette recipe that gives delicious results every time. Can also be used for crispy rolls. I now use the same recipe for crusty white loaves. My granddaughter, who is intolerant of shop-bought wheat products demolishes large quantities of loaves and rolls with no adverse reaction.

Added by: David Adsett | Tags: Bread, White, Baguette

Nuala's white loaf.

"We've run out of bread"! I came up with this as a quick loaf recipe for whenever the call came ( usually at seven in the evening ). It's not intended to be high end bread but it still better than most supermarket white wheat based bread substitutes.

Added by: Geoff Dunsby | Tags: Bread, White, Basic loaf

Crackle glaze cob

Makes two cob loaves with a crackle glaze (sometimes called tiger bread). This is a 50:50 white and wholemeal standard bread recipe with a tangy crunch to the crust

Added by: Lynn Clark | Tags: Wholemeal, Bread, White

Rustic Baguettes

75% hydration sourdough baguettes. They are airy but chewy and elastic. They develop a lot of flavour (non-sour) from the long cold levain fermentation. Still learning, but very pleased with the results.

Added by: zymurgentus | Tags: Bread, White, French, Sourdough, Baguette

White Bloomer

Crusty bloomer with soft white centre. Perfect for sandwiches

Added by: Elizabeth Patock | Tags: Bread, White

Sourdough Spelt Loaf

A lovely light white sourdough loaf with a good crust made using a wheat leven so it has a very small proportion of wheat in it. I have been making this for myself for a few months now and I find that although I am intolerant of wheat I can eat this regularly.

Added by: lynedwards | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough, Spelt

London Grillettes

In January, I married a French man. He has been living in London for almost 6 years now, and sorely misses baguettes. Our London flat’s little oven is too small to bake full-sized baguettes, so I’ve been developing a “half-pint” version that fits inside, while capturing the characteristics we love in baguettes. The “grillette” is: 1/ Crusty, in our case a deep golden brown, grilled, sometimes burnt in places… hence the name “grillette”! 2/ Airy, big holes, light. 3/ Slightly salted. The right amount is critical. Those holes come from a long, slow rise. The recipe takes time but entails very little hands-on work, and you will finish with an irresistable partner for butter and cheese.

Added by: starz1010101 | Tags: Bread, White, French

Damson couronne

Twisted and plaited crown shaped loaf flavoured with a smooth damson purée jam, made using an overnight sponge.

Added by: Helen Davis | Tags: Bread, White, fruit

Crusty Spelt & Wheat Loaf

A soft and crusty spelt loaf - 50:50 with white flour. My grandchildren say that this is the tastiest bread in the world (though they are biased!). This loaf uses a Spelt Poolish preferment to give added flavour.

Added by: JPTenor | Tags: Bread, White, Spelt

White & Wheat Seeded Sourdough -
(overnight cold proving)

This is a variation on the sourdough bread recipe taught at the E5 Bakehouse bread master class in Hackney, London. A very moist dough with a great open crumb and superb crust. Best made using a regular stretch and fold method with wet hands each time, plus a slow overnight proving in the fridge to give the bread its open crumb and depth of flavour. The cold proofing also helps the dough hold its shape while transferring from the bowl via the peel to the oven. (Don’t worry about putting straight into the oven from the fridge. If the oven is at max heat - approx. 250c - then it will spring up beautifully.)

Added by: 2ncook | Tags: Bread, White, Seeds, Sourdough

My simple sourdough

Easy to remember recipe for a classic bread....crisp crust, slightly chewy centre...fabulous toasted and covered in butter !

Added by: Jeremy Hughes | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Robin's overnight bread

This is a recipe for making four French Baguettes, it sounds complicated but when you get used to making it, it is in fact easy and less time consuming. It is a variation of several recipes I have found and tastes wonderful

Added by: Robin Godefroy | Tags: Bread, White, Overnight

Basic Cold-raised Sandwich Bread

This is a basic cold-proofed white bread baked in a tin and suitable for making sandwiches (prawn, smoked salmon, cream-stewed chantarelles, cheese) or e.g. serving with jam or honey. This is a baseline recipe and method that is easy to use and on which you can base further experiments, e.g. developing herbal bread types.

Added by: Niels Bjergstrom | Tags: Bread, White

Crusty white loaf

I know white bread is frowned on but as someone who loves any kind of bread, I love this white crispy loaf made with Shipton Mills's Canadian strong bread flour

Added by: Jerry Taylor | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Simple three-step bread.

From mixing to baked in less than 2 hours, this fool-proof recipe can be used to make white or wholemeal bread and is my 'relaxing after a hard day's work' loaf!

Added by: Lara Stafford | Tags: Bread, White

My Pain de Mie

A taste of France! The picture of a 'croquet monsieur' in 'Dough' (Richard Bertinet) is so mouth watering that I had to make it. It's a posh cheese and ham sarnie, baked with ham, béchamel sauce and topped with grated gruyere cheese. A very fine and delicious combination. Pain de mie is a fragrant and different loaf which makes a welcome addition to bread making. Perfect for toasting too. You'll see from the picture that I made 2 loaves. The top crust on the loaf on the left is slightly crooked. I knocked the weighted tray in the oven! It didn't make a difference to the taste and lets face it... once it's sliced, who's to know? This recipe is quick to make because of the high quantity of yeast. Again, a welcome change to my usual 24 hour fridge fermentation.

Added by: DONOTUSESharon Roberts | Tags: Bread, White

Ciabatta Italian Style

Having tried a great number of the ciabatta recipes and methods available on various UK food and tv sites I was never quite happy with the results .. until now

Added by: Niels Bjergstrom | Tags: Bread, White, Ciabatta

White Granary Loaf

This is a tried and tested loaf, it never fails us. We also play around with the flours, sometimes we add less white and more Organic Light Malt house Flour.

Added by: Lesley Sperduti | Tags: 3Malts, Bread, White, Breadmaker

Child-friendly sourdough

A sourdough loaf that is mainly white flour but with wholemeal additions to give flavour. These loaves have been devoured by recipients, even children as young as 3.

Added by: Ruralidle | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough

Rustic italian loaf

I made this when I had run out of every flour but Type '00', and needed to make a loaf. It turned out really well...

Added by: Wing Commander | Tags: Bread, White, Poolish

Kalamata Olive Bread

When thinking about delicious sandwiches, including the bread in the overall sense of the desired taste rather than just using plain boring bread can lead to amazing results. We are currently experimenting with savoury and sometimes very spicy bread types. This is a very simple bread which works well with e.g. most cheeses, egg salad and some types of pâté. Anybody, who has ever baked a bread, can make this with excellent results.

Added by: Niels Bjergstrom | Tags: Bread, White, Olive

Biga Acida
(Innovative) Pagnotta

Italian biga acida/sour dough, using Italian '00' flour and strong bread flour. Based on a recipe from Dan Lepard and Richard Whittington 'Exceptional Breads'. The original recipe called for the inclusion of honey which made the bread too sweet for my taste. I have made this without honey and it works well and suited better to my personal taste. I replaced the wholemeal with spelt and used strong Canadian bread flour. Allow 5 days to make this bread. On the day of baking it could take up to 8 hours from the first kneading until the loaves are ready to go in the oven.

Added by: Andyw3 | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough, Sourdough Competition

Pure & Simple Sourdough Recipe!

This recipe makes two loaves and involves very little hands-on time. It just uses great quality flour and slow fermentation to create an outstanding flavour and texture! More importantly it has just three ingredients and is free from any chemicals, additives and improvers typically found in mass produced supermarket bread! This recipe is for your life, not shelf life!!

Added by: ChrisG | Tags: Bread, White, Sourdough, Sourdough Competition

Josephine's Poppy Loaf

This sourdough bread includes 10% spelt flour and seeds, which give it a great flavour while keeping the crumb texture pretty light. Also excellent toasted, on the second or third day!

Added by: Marlon Jones | Tags: Bread, White, Seeds, Sourdough, Spelt

Lazy Bread Rolls

These are simple to make. The egg and sugar give them a fluffy richness which goes particularly well with strong savoury flavours like burgers, sausages or cheese.

Added by: DomD | Tags: Bread, White, Rolls

Smoked Cheese and Onion Bread

This is a variation on Richard Bertinet's Bacon and Red onion bread but uses smoked cheese (thus suitable for some vegetarians) and is fortified with sourdough batter. It makes lovely toast and would be great with a hearty soup.

Added by: CassyP | Tags: Bread, White, Rye, Sourdough, Cheese

Seedy Bloomer

This recipe is for a super tastey, seedy, crusty soft bloomer - delicious with just butter, preferably consumed on the patio with a cup of coffee!

Added by: Alex Boulton | Tags: Bread, White, Seeds, photo1406

My first loaf

This is the recipe that got me to ditch the bread maker and make my bread by hand. Thanks Nigel Slater! No mystery or complicated processes, just a delicious, crusty white loaf that smelled and tasted glorious.

Added by: Chris Boarland | Tags: Bread, White

Queen's Head Huffer

This recipe is our interpretation of the Huffers that we first encountered at the White Hart pub, Great Saling, Essex, in the 1980’s. They are delicious filled with cheese, prawn, sausage or ham.

Added by: James Morton | Tags: Bread, White, Rolls

Crusty white loaf

This is an easy recipe for a classic crusty white loaf. The ingredients are for a single loaf, so you might want to double up and make a couple.

Added by: NaomiS | Tags: White

Overnight yeasted white pot loaf

Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

Added by: NaomiS | Tags: White, Pot loaf

Family White Loaf

Of the various white loaves we've tried over the years this is the best. It also happens to toast wonderfully.

Added by: Brin | Tags: White

Basic White Bread.

This recipe is our family's basic bread. Made every Sunday and Wednesday in a batch sufficient to satisfy demand

Added by: Quilpusha | Tags: White

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