Spelt Bread Recipes

Spelt and rye in breadmaker

Tasty and springy textured loaf. It's taken some experimentation to get a spelt and rye recipe to work in my Panasonic SD254, which doesn't cater for these flours. But the following recipe produces great loaves baked on the wholemeal rapid setting. I weigh the water for more accurate results: 1gm= 1ml

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Spelt sourdough pizza

An easy and delicious pizza base that tastes great with any toping you like. Needs few hours to prove so it's best to prepare the dough in the morning.

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Spelt wraps

I have tried various recipes for wraps and this is by far the best. The dough is easy to work with and wraps are made quickly with few ingredients. My children absolutely love them which speaks volumes. I tried this recipe as my daughter cannot eat normal wheat wraps as she is intolerant. These wraps have been a hit!

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White spelt loaf in breadmaker

Delicious 100% white spelt loaf which has a bit more body and colour than white wheat. This recipe worked well in a Panasonic SD254 which isn't meant to bake spelt loaves, but I selected the basic white rapid programme to get closest to the kneading and baking times stipulated for spelt if you had the Panasonic SD255 which includes a spelt programme.

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Ginger Spelt Scones

Delicious scones made from white and wholegrain spelt flour. They have tangy, acidic notes from buttermilk and warm, spicy notes from stem ginger and ground ginger.

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White, Wholemeal & Spelt Loaf

Great flavour a 2 lb loaf made with 3 flours. This was adapted from a recipe for dinner rolls and has become a family favourite. Good crust and soft centre, great toasted or as a sandwich

Added by: Al Good | Tags: Bread, Spelt, Maslin

Spelt and Wheat Sourdough Bread

Baking sourdough bread is what I do to brighten up my day. Having said that, it has also given me numerous headaches in the past. I’ve eaten (and thrown away) many very bad sourdough loaves in that time to finally come to a stage that I prefer my amateur and handmade bread than any other one from the bakery. Please read the whole recipe before to understand the method. Please visit my blog, where I share other recipes: clemandkaro.com

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Einkorn and Spelt Sourdough

Baked in a Pyrex casserole, this is a simple recipe with minimum ingredients which produces a slightly dense bread, but with a satisfyingly rich and unique flavour and a subtle crunch. Best enjoyed fresh.

Added by: Laureano Lopez | Tags: Bread, Sourdough, Spelt, Einkorn

Spelt Sourdough

A gorgeous Spelt Sourdough recipe that will give you a nutty, crusty and fluffy sourdough with very little stress, easily fitting into a relaxing day spent around the house.

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The perfect loaf for toast

The best white toast is crisp on the outside but warm and flavoursome on the inside. This is the secret to perfect crunchy toast, every time - thanks to the spelt.

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Spelt with sun-dried tomatoes

Fearing that a loaf made totally from Spelt Wholemeal flour might turn out to be rather dense I was hesitant to give it a try. However, allowing the mixer some extra minutes to work the dough plus adding some sourdough starter to the mix, seems to have made the difference. Using a loaf tin offers some support to the dough in its second proving and the end result is a loaf with excellent taste and texture. Creating a moist atmosphere in the oven before putting in the loaf seems to encourage a bit of ‘oven spring’. This recipe adds sun-dried tomatoes and some fennel seeds to enrich things. Another way of varying things is to reduce the Spelt to 400g and mix it with either 100g of Three Malts & Sunflower Brown Flour or 100g of Seeded White Organic Flour Using a sharp bread knife, it’s possible to cut thin slices which provide a tasty basis for lunchtime sandwiches. Now I just need to order some more Spelt Flour…

Added by: Peter Stevenson | Tags: Bread, Spelt, Savouries

Spelt Sourdough Levain

This makes a nutty, flavoursome, well keeping loaf. The recipe makes 2 loaves @ 700g each. Although not essential, the method is spread over 3 days to increase flavour and provide flexibility with “normal” life. Dutch ovens are used for baking, but anything which gives a solid blast of heat and traps steam for the first half of baking would work just as well.

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Excellent Brown Bread using Spelt.

There are many people who have slight digestive issues. These can be in the form of bloating, indigestion, colic, flatulence and diarrhoea or constipation. These can be caused in some people by a unknown mild intolerance to the gluten in wheat, rye, oats and barley. Spelt is an ancient form of wheat and the gluten in the flour is of a different form to other wheats and many people have found improvements in the comfort of their insides just by switching to bread and pastry made from spelt flour. Spelt white and wholemeal flour is now available in many supermarkets and is only around £2 per kilo which is a small price to pay for comfort. It works out at £1 per loaf and is surely worth a try. I have found that the conventional way of making bread with a double prove does not work quite so well so I have been developing this method. I do not use a bread-maker so cannot advise on the method with one of these.

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Sourdough Spelt Loaf

A lovely light white sourdough loaf with a good crust made using a wheat leven so it has a very small proportion of wheat in it. I have been making this for myself for a few months now and I find that although I am intolerant of wheat I can eat this regularly.

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Crusty Spelt & Wheat Loaf

A soft and crusty spelt loaf - 50:50 with white flour. My grandchildren say that this is the tastiest bread in the world (though they are biased!). This loaf uses a Spelt Poolish preferment to give added flavour.

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Spelt bread recipe for breadmaker

This is the most delicious, healthy, moist but light spelt bread for breadmakers. It has a little wholemeal wheat flour in to improve the crumb. The bread stays moist and lovely for several days and also makes excellent toast.

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Braided Bread

Fluffy light spelt loaves, delicious with mayonnaise and dips

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Wholemeal Spelt Sticky Date Buns

Made in muffin tins to puff up and make a "snail shell", these lovely spelt buns ooze with buttery toffee and sticky date pieces. Best served warm from the oven with a steaming cup of tea or coffee to chase away the winter shills. Leftovers (if there are any!) will reheat well and can be frozen and zapped in the microwave for emergencies. There is a picture but it doesn't always seem to view in Firefox!

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Mixed Spelt Loaf

Using a mixture of White and Wholemeal Spelt, this yeasted bread is proved in a Banneton.

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Very Versatile Wholemeal Spelt Loaf

This is a tasty and versatile wholemeal bread recipe that can be easily varied according to your tastes. Why not add gently fried onions, sliced olives, sun dried tomatoes, pesto or even chopped nuts and fruit for a delicious alternative to a standard loaf ?

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Josephine's Poppy Loaf

This sourdough bread includes 10% spelt flour and seeds, which give it a great flavour while keeping the crumb texture pretty light. Also excellent toasted, on the second or third day!

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Honeyed Spelt and Oat Loaf

Despite the name this soft textured loaf isn’t actually sweet and goes very well with sharp cheese. It is wonderfully easy loaf to make with a limited knead technique but would, I think, adapt without fuss to your preferred style or a breadmaker.

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Wholemeal Spelt bread

This is positively the easiest and most tasty Spelt bread recipe I have come across. Turns out perfectly every time and has become an often requested favourite of my clients. It takes next to no prep time, keeps well and is fab for toasting too!

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Scandi rye and spelt crispbread

These delicious Scandinavian style, wafer thin, rye and spelt crisp breads are perfect for eating with dips and pate. They store well and are great fun to make expecially if you make them with a buddy. One rolls the dough out and the other bakes.

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Spelt Bread

a spelt and rye sourdough loaf

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Oaty Spelt

A tasty spelt loaf with a hint of oats

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