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Sourdough Recipes

Banbury Boule

10% Wholemeal 90% White Sourdough Boule

Added by: Callum Smith

Tags: Sourdough

Chocolate Sourdough

Like chocolate cake but not. Delicious on it's own with butter or toasted...

Added by: Robert Hughes

Tags: Sourdough, Chocolate

Organic cocoa sourdough

A light crispy loaf filled with aromatic chocolate smells with a slight bitter taste

Added by: Thesourbaker

Tags: Sourdough, Chocolate

Organic Potato and Wheat Sourdough

Organic sourdough recipe with rosemary and potato to give a chewier texture

Added by: James Houghton

Tags: Sourdough

White sourdough

Simple white sour dough loaf

Added by: colin stuckey

Tags: Sourdough

Einkorn Sourdough

This recipe makes an 1100g einkorn boule. Einkorn is thought to be the most ancient of strain of cultivated wheat and has a subtly different flavour to modern wheat.

Added by: fourjays

Tags: Sourdough, Einkorn

Wholemeal enriched with rye and boosted by a sourdough starter

Whilst making wholemeal loaves I have been experimenting with adding a couple of ladles of wheat sourdough starter to the mix, along with the usual dried active yeast. The sourdough starter enhances the flavour and helps things to rise a bit more. Adding the sourdough starter adds a bit of extra water to the recipe and so this version has added 100 grams of Dark Rye Flour to absorb that extra water and to add to the flavour. The addition of 100 grams of seeded white flour also helps lighten the texture. The following recipe aims to produce two moist and tasty loaves.

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Sourdough

First attempt at Khorassan Sourdough

First attempt at Sourdough made using a mix of Khorassan and Canadian White bread flour.

Added by: richclever

Tags: Sourdough, Khorasan

Seeded sourdough loaf

Mix of white and seeded flour adds extra flour to this loaf

Added by: robin watkinson

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Sourdough Bread

Delicious, the most basic and proper sourdough bread recipe!

Added by: FILIZ OZ

Tags: Sourdough

Wholemeal sourdough bread with millet seed

Millet seed isn’t just for the birds, it also makes a delicious addition to sourdough wholemeal bread. My grandchildren love this bread as it breaks easily into pieces that they can snack on while waiting for dinner! It goes well with cheese and olives, and the millet seeds add a bit of a crunch to the texture. Sourdough starter is so good for flavour and the slow fermentation helps to break down gluten, so it’s great for those with gluten sensitivity. I love to use the more traditional varieties of wheat flour to make this bread as the nutritional value is enhanced as well as great flavour. Sometimes I substitute about 20% of the wheat flour with spelt or rye. It’s a bit more crumbly but my family love it with cheese. I use the sour dough starter in my bread maker, and check on the consistency as the dough is mixing. I always add some dried yeast as it gives a better rise in the bread maker, but if making by hand then I just use the sour dough starter for the rise.

Added by: Rachel Verheul

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Beetroot Sourdough

An unusual bread full of flavour. This bread makes delicious cheese on toast

Added by: Stoat Dough

Tags: Sourdough, Khorasan

Lisa K's Sourdough Sandwich Loaf with added bran

Light crust with soft texture ..very Moorish..

Added by: Lisa Kafton

Tags: Sourdough

Borodinsky Traditional Russian Rye Sourdough- Yeast and Wheat Free

A beautiful, light textured, deeply flavoured rye bread, scented with molasses, coriander and malt extract. Borodinsky is made with a traditional rye sourdough starter, giving it that distinctive tangy flavour.

Added by: Correy Brown

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Cornflour Sourdough

Making a loaf of Sourdough with added Corn Flour

Added by: DEGPedersen

Tags: Sourdough, Corn flour

Lisa K's Organic Sourdough Rye Bread

With Caraway Seeds. Our weekly loaf - delicious! Hard crust, with caramel taste and soft inside.

Added by: Lisa Kafton

Tags: Rye, Seeds, Sourdough

Sourdough Pain Au Bacon (2 loaves)

A delicious bacon sourdough with a crispy crust and moist interior. Recipe Adapted from Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast.

Added by: Jash

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Nigella Seed Sourdough

Sourdough flavoured with Nigella and sunflower seeds

Added by: Carrick Jones

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Sourdough Potato Bread

My goodness this is tasty!

Added by: SteveCBell

Tags: Sourdough

White and Spelt Sourdough

Large white and spelt sourdough feeds the family for about... half a day

Added by: Peter Fearn

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Seeded wholemeal sourdough

Delicious,full of flavor and healthy sourdough with amazing and rustic crust!Yum!

Added by: Robert Rea

Tags: Sourdough

75% Hydration White Sourdough Loaf

75% hydration sourdough loaf with white flour and a rye starter.

Added by: luisas

Tags: Sourdough

White country sourdough loaf

A lovely white sourdough loaf for everyday eating

Added by: Sarah Williams

Tags: Sourdough

Half and Half sourdough bread using retard method (over night recipe)

Using Stoneground Canadian Wholemeal and unbleached no.4 this bread is both Rich and deep flavours.

Added by: Jasonserpent

Tags: Sourdough

Finnish sour rye bread (hapanleipä)

Traditional Finnish sour rye bread is made with 100% dark rye flour. I have added a little wholemeal spelt flour to this recipe, which appears to help with the rise, without compromising the lovely rye flavour.

Added by: Barry MacNamara

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Pain au levain with einkorn wholegrain

A favourite everyday bread in our house, enhanced by einkorn flour, with creamy crumb and robust crust

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Sourdough, Einkorn

Wholemeal, beer, walnut and honey loaf.

Lovely wholemeal loaf with added crunch, makes great toast and jam or marmalade.

Added by: Francophille

Tags: Sourdough

Sourdough bread with Semola & Spelt

A yummy sourdough recipe from a relative of mine who has been baking sourdough bread for almost a decade! Guaranteed to be delicious!

Added by: Sarah Wong

Tags: Sourdough, Semolina

White sourdough loaf with 50/50 starter

The small amount of wholemeal in the starter gives the crumb a lovely colour. Wait as the loaf cools and listen to it sing. This loaf freezes well, as you can see from the picture. Enjoy

Added by: Doughtastic - Graham

Tags: Sourdough

Super Seeded Organic White & Barley Sourdough

A delicious combination of Shipton flours and seeds. This sourdough loaf is a blend of 90% Shipton Traditional Organic White Flour and 10% Barley Flour. It also has Shipton's 5 seed blend. The seeds add a toasty crunch and the combination of flours make a fabulous soft-ish crumb. It really is delicious. The dough was retarded overnight in the fridge. This is one of the loaves I teach at Learn Sourdough www.learnsourdough.co.uk

Added by: Learn Sourdough

Tags: Sourdough, Barley

Sourdough Multi-seed 100% Rye Bread

This is a lovely, rich flavoured bread. I adapted two excellent recipes to develop the recipe - one from the internet (link:https://www.seitanismymotor.com/2010/02/100-percent-rye-bread/ ) and the other from "The Extra Virgin Kitchen" by Susan Jane White. It has a more open texture than is usual for a 100% rye bread. It keeps well, and I think the flavour improves with keeping. Toasting it lightly brings out the flavour and it goes well with soft cheese, air dried ham or smoked salmon. My sourdough starter is 5 years old and is yeasty, not particularly sour-smelling. Unless it is very important to you for it to be 100% rye, without any wheat, you could use any sourdough starter. I find feeding the starter the day before using it, and keeping it at room temperature for several hours on the day, makes the bread lighter. This quantity of ingredients makes 2x1kg(2lb) loaves - I halve them and freeze. Have a go, experiment and enjoy!

Added by: Meher Pocha

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Country sourdough bread

Tasty and very airy

Added by: Nikola Iliev

Tags: Sourdough

Russian Black Sourdough Bread

A tangy, chewy and very satisfying dark pumpernickel bread. Try it with tasty cheese and German beer.

Added by: A Fermenter

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Tomato and black olive sourdough

A delicious sourdough using a poolish pre-fermentation http://stwig7.wixsite.com/bread

Added by: Stephen Twigg

Tags: Sourdough, Savoury

Sourdough biscuits with leftover starter

delicious either sweet or savoury and so easy to make

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits

Simple Sourdough

Simple Sourdough

Added by: Carrick Jones

Tags: Sourdough

Khorasan Sourdough

This loaf is made using 40% Khorasan organic wholemeal for a light wholemeal loaf with a sweet wheaten flavour. The dark rye leaven introduces a subtle sour note.

Added by: fourjays

Tags: Sourdough, Khorasan

Sourdough bread (pain au levain)

simple sourdough bread, tested and regularly made. no kneading as time is your friend here, priceless result.

Added by: Julien CAP

Tags: Sourdough

A Long way to Sourdough Rye

Sourdough Rye Bread German Style Using Organic Dark Rye Flour - Type 1370 (603)

Added by: itswasmethen

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Scrumptious crumpets

Beautifully light and fluffy sourdough crumpets..made with the discarded starter. What's not to like! You will need poaching rings for this recipe.and a flat griddle plate or heavy bottomed frying pan.

Added by: Tina Ingamells

Tags: Sourdough, Crumpets

Simple sourdough loaf

Delicious, chewy, crunchy & full of flavour sourdough loaf. My go-to recipe!

Added by: Kris McReynolds

Tags: Sourdough

Danish Rye and Spelt sourdough loaf with 5 seeds blend

Whole grain Rye sourdough bread but with the lightness of Spelt and yummy seeds! So easy to make, no kneading or folding.

Added by: Shazia Younas

Tags: Rye, Seeds, Sourdough, Spelt

Spelt Sourdough Baguette

Crunchy and super tasty sourdough bagguetes.

Added by: Zuzana Paluskova

Tags: French, Sourdough, Spelt

Boules with poolish ferment

The little brother of a sourdough bread.

Added by: Diego Rivera

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Barley

Sourdough Pizza

This is sourdough pizza, that ruin for us eating pizza anywhere in restaurants. It maybe need little bit of time with planning due to fermentation time but it is worth it

Added by: anazigo

Tags: Sourdough, Pizza

Lisa K's sourdough spelt and einkorn bread

Low in gluten, very healthy, fantastic taste,

Added by: Lisa Kafton

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt, Einkorn

Sourdough banana muffins

Slightly sweet muffins - great with peanut butter!

Added by: Selene

Tags: Sourdough, Cake, Muffins, fruit

Pain de Campagne

A tasty rustic farm house loaf with an overnight prove that uses both yeast and sourdough starter. Recipe can be doubled to make 4 smaller loaves.

Added by: Paul Sheldon

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Amazing 70% Hydration Slicing Sourdough Loaf with Rye

70% Hydration sourdough slicing loaf with rye, baked in an oblong covered baker/cloche - the perfect shape for the toaster and for sandwiches. It has an open crumb but is not so holey that the toppings fall through!

Added by: Emma Wakeling

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Sunflower Sourdough

Shipton Mill's amazing Sunflower & Whet Flour delivers a delicious soft sourdough with a crisp crust and an open crumb. It is one of my most popular breads at the Roundhay Bakehouse.

Added by: MartinB

Tags: Sourdough, Sunflower

The simplest white sourdough bread

If you've always wanted to make sourdough but are afraid to try, this is the recipe for you! Because of its high hydration, this loaf is simple to make with a hand-held mixer and dough hooks. It uses only the simplest ingredients (flour, salt and water) and tastes delicious. The texture is chewy and the crust is crisp. It smells delectable when it comes out of the oven. The recipe is adapted from Sam & Sam Clark's fabulous book, Moro: The Cookbook.

Added by: A Fermenter

Tags: Sourdough

Sourdough white loaf with sun dried tomato and olives and rosmary

This is my perfect sourdough recipe, it makes always perfect loaf and you can add additional flavours between stretch and fold process. The crust is crunchy and soft white airy bread inside, the flavour is delicious, with or without olives.

Added by: anazigo

Tags: Sourdough, Savoury

Spelt flour sourdough bread

A 76% hydration, no knead, sourdough bread made with organic spelt and organic bread flour

Added by: Elm

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Sourdough bagels

Delicious east coast style bagels

Added by: Russell Sullivan

Tags: Sourdough, Bagels

Sourdough long slow prove bread

Tasty and crispy sourdough loaf

Added by: martin227474

Tags: Sourdough

No-Knead sourdough pizza

Very easy to make pizza with a long fermentation

Added by: Diego Rivera

Tags: Sourdough, Pizza, No knead

Wholemeal Sourdough Loaf

A wholemeal loaf made with only flour, salt and water: what could be more wholesome?

Added by: Archie McLellan

Tags: Sourdough

Dark Sourdough Rye Bread (know as Black Bread or the traditional Eastern European bread)

This bread is made from rye flour and sourdough with just some water and salt. High in fibre, wheat free and perfect as toaster with soft cheese or smoked salmon.

Added by: martin227474

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Homelands B&B Organic Sour-dough Country bread

This delicious sour-dough bread is made with equal quantities of organic light rye, organic malted flour and organic white spelt flour. For a rustic effect dusted with organic semolina flour.

Added by: Erik Burger

Tags: Rye, Malt, Sourdough, Maslin

Odds and Ends Loaves

Sourdough loaves using what I could find in the pantry. Sometimes you don't have time to find something specific but just go with what is there. The bread has just enough malt loaf flour in to give it a soft malty "stickiness" that loves butter. the (unsoaked) pumpernickel gives it an extra bit of crunch. The quantities are about right - worked backwards - the important thing is a soft flexible dough that kneads easily without sticking to the surface. It was a slow rise partly due to the kitchen being a bit cooler than usual, snowing outside!

Added by: Rowland

Tags: Sourdough, Maslin

Sourdough cocoa bread with dried fruits and walnuts

Sometimes you need something special! Whether you'll have this bread for breakfast or during a meal, the unique taste is going to stay with you. Enjoy!

Added by: argirisb

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts, fruit, Chocolate

Cinnamon sourdough apple cake

A delicious way to use up extra sourdough starter

Added by: Julia Collins

Tags: Sourdough, Cake, fruit

Amazing Sourdough Pancakes

Easy, luxurious, taste sensation pancakes, little effort needed, prepare night before and cook in the morning for a warming winter breakfast. Add maple syrup and a dusting of icing sugar and its heaven.

Added by: Linda Hone

Tags: Sourdough, Pancakes

Fig and Walnut Dutch Oven Sourdough with Spelt

Great with cheese, not too sweet for sandwiches and perfect just toasted with fresh dairy butter - what's not to love!

Added by: naomi

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts, fruit

Country blend rye sourdough

A delicious rye-infused sourdough made with 50% pre-ferment over 24hrs.

Added by: Tom Britton

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Pain au Levain

I love to eat and bake all kinds of bread, so I thought I would start off my first post with the quintessential French sourdough bread.

Added by: Joanna Sienkiewicz

Tags: Sourdough

Wheat and Rye Sourdough

Slow fermented wheat and rye sourdough bread

Added by: Miroslav Krist

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Roasted Hazelnut, Prune and Black Cardamom Sourdough Loaf

A moist loaf full of flavour from the hazelnuts and spice mixed with the sweetness of the prunes. Versatile with sweet toppings as well as savoury.

Added by: Stoat Dough

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts, fruit

Mixed flour Sourdough bread

Wet dough bread made with white unbleached flour, wholemeal rye flour and wholemeal spelt flour at 82% hydration

Added by: Elm

Tags: Sourdough

Nearly white sourdough

Crunchy almost white loaf that is a doddle to make

Added by: Jeremy Gugenheim

Tags: Sourdough

White Sourdough Baguettes

Crisp French Style Baguettes

Added by: Nelson Mansfield

Tags: Sourdough

Jalapeño and Cheddar Sourdough

Jalapeño and Cheddar Sourdough, cheesy with a little heat

Added by: Nelson Mansfield

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries


Tasty slow rise sourdough loaf

Added by: Thinlysliceddan

Tags: Sourdough

Plain White Sourdough

Light & Airy, Crispy White Sourdough Loaf

Added by: Lovely.leslie

Tags: Sourdough

Wholemeal sourdough with seeds

Perfect, easy and delicious sourdough bread, packed with seeds and toasted flavour.

Added by: melissa_baker

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Very seedy sourdough

A healthy sourdough bread baked in a metal casserole dish

Added by: Janet Gathercole

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Pumpkin and walnut sourdough

Perfect bread for the autumn, although it can be prepared all year round as long as you find pumpkin. Really great along a good blue cheese.

Added by: Antonio Cerezo Iglesias

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts, Savouries

Scottish Morning Rolls

This classic roll is usually found in every shop in the west coast of Scotland: a crispy exterior; soft, fluffy interior and perfect with lorne sausage and tattie scone! Traditionally, these rolls are not risen via the use of a wholemeal leaven but this adds a flavour that is irresistible and provides health benefits to this humble roll.

Added by: Robbie Bayne

Tags: Sourdough, Rolls

Rye Vollkornbrot

German style wholegrain rye bread. Great with savoury toppings or toasted with honey.

Added by: SteveCBell

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Stoneground, Soda Bread

Three Malts with a hint of rye sourdough

Wondering what to do with a lot of active rye sourdough starter I experimented with using it in combination with Organic Three Malts & Sunflower Brown flour. The following recipe involves preparing a sourdough starter/production sourdough the day before baking the loaves. This recipe combines using natural yeast in the starter with using some active dried yeast when it comes to baking the loaves. This combination helps me produce a couple of loaves with a nice texture and flavour when there’s not enough time to work through all the usual processes needed to produce a ‘pure’ sourdough loaf.

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, 3Malts

Overnight cold proved sourdough

Great recipe for a large 1.85 kg sourdough from sourdough expert Vanessa Kimbell, a cold overnight prove then cooked in a bread cloche this recipe gives fantastic results, especially when using Shipton Mill untreated organic No 4

Added by: Jash

Tags: Sourdough

Amazing Sourdough Bread

Produce the most delicious sourdough bread every single time!

Added by: Peter Ralley

Tags: Sourdough

Pain au levain

French sourdough bread

Added by: alicja domanska-kurec

Tags: Sourdough

Sourdough raspberry and blueberry buns

A delicious way to use up extra starter.

Added by: Julia Collins

Tags: Sourdough, Muffins

Olive Sourdough

This uses a mixture of organic white flour, wholemeal and light rye to make a delicious savoury loaf - that is also amazing with cheese or marmalade!

Added by: Jenny Eades

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Spelt Sourdough Levain

This makes a nutty, flavoursome, well keeping loaf. The recipe makes 2 loaves @ 700g each. Although not essential, the method is spread over 3 days to increase flavour and provide flexibility with “normal” life. Dutch ovens are used for baking, but anything which gives a solid blast of heat and traps steam for the first half of baking would work just as well.

Added by: Jacky Scott

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Basic sour dough bread

After many years of prevarication, I finally succumbed to the pull of sour dough! This recipe is very straightforward to make sour dough, the only thing you need is time for proving! This recipe uses the 'sponge' method. This recipe is certainly not mine, it comes from the River Cottage Bread book. If you want a good general introduction to bread making, of all types, this book is a fantastic place to start. This bread takes about 36 hours to make. You will have to make a sour dough 'starter', which, if you have not got one already, needs to be started a week before this recipe. This sounds a lot of time and hassle, but once your starter' is going, it really is no trouble at all. I used the starter recipe from the River Cottage bread book. The starter 'recipe' is included at the bottom of the recipe.

Added by: SimonP

Tags: Sourdough

Scandinavian Cracked Rye Bread (2/3 rye, 1/3 white)

A fabulously easy, no kneed loaf using dark rye flour and cracked rye pieces - based on a recipe by Trine Hahnemann. (NB: this loaf also uses white flour to lighten the texture slightly.)

Added by: 2ncook

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Vegan Sourdough using San Francisco style method

Makes 2 crispy loafs with soft insides - nice texture . Made with no dairy products

Added by: Mashers

Tags: Sourdough

Dark Rye Sourdough

Dark, delicious, easy-to-make rye sourdough. Ideal for working people; start it in the evening, eat it for breakfast. I use a mixer with dough hook, but I guess you could equally hand knead it. No, I haven'the forgotten the salt; I don't usually put any in my loaves.

Added by: Dee Pea

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

coconut oats cookies with sourdough starter

Healthy oats cookies with desiccated coconut , chia seeds, flaxseeds, dried cranberries and figs..... I make these cookies all the time , my kids love them.

Added by: Yuk Tai-Leung

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits, Oats

Country Bread

A lovely naturally leavened bread with a mix of bread flour, whole wheat and whole rye. Makes a great sandwich loaf. While this was inspired by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's "Levain di Campagne" I have incorporated numerous changes of my own to produce a wholly different loaf.

Added by: A BakEr

Tags: Sourdough

First Sourdough Loaf

... et voila!

Added by: patriciar

Tags: Sourdough

Cheese and oat sourdough

You need a sourdough starter for this one and I make it the night before for the following day's evening meal- but it's worth the effort and rarely lasts until it's cold

Added by: Jenny Eades

Tags: Sourdough, Oats, Cheese

Rustic Baguettes

75% hydration sourdough baguettes. They are airy but chewy and elastic. They develop a lot of flavour (non-sour) from the long cold levain fermentation. Still learning, but very pleased with the results.

Added by: zymurgentus

Tags: French, Sourdough

An easy everyday sourdough loaf for your bread machine

A deliciously simple and quick loaf from your bread machine using sourdough starter: great when you haven't got time or patience to work out a loaf with your hands. A recipe inspired by the Eastern European style of sourdough bread. Ideally made with Shipton Mill Light Rye flour. Tested and tried on Panasonic breadmaker (SP - ZB2502) but should work well on any other quality bread maker.

Added by: Wojciech Kaczanowski

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Pane Tipo di Altamura

Pane di Altamura is a bread made with durum wheat from the Altamura region of Provincia di Bari in South East Italy. Made from Semola Rimacinata (re-milled semolina), and is naturally leavened, its characteristics are a thin dark crust with a lovely soft yellow crumb.

Added by: A BakEr

Tags: Italian, Sourdough, Semolina

Sourdough Spelt Loaf

A lovely light white sourdough loaf with a good crust made using a wheat leven so it has a very small proportion of wheat in it. I have been making this for myself for a few months now and I find that although I am intolerant of wheat I can eat this regularly.

Added by: lynedwards

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Danish Rye

Traditional danish rye

Added by: Liz Thomas

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Classic Sourdough with Hazelnuts

A moist, nutty flavoured classic sourdough. Inspired by Richard Bertinet who, through his books has taken me onto a different level with bread making.

Added by: Stoat Dough

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts

White & Wheat Seeded Sourdough - (overnight cold proving)

This is a variation on the sourdough bread recipe taught at the E5 Bakehouse bread master class in Hackney, London. A very moist dough with a great open crumb and superb crust. Best made using a regular stretch and fold method with wet hands each time, plus a slow overnight proving in the fridge to give the bread its open crumb and depth of flavour. The cold proofing also helps the dough hold its shape while transferring from the bowl via the peel to the oven. (Don’t worry about putting straight into the oven from the fridge. If the oven is at max heat - approx. 250c - then it will spring up beautifully.)

Added by: 2ncook

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Sourdough Croissants

Sourdough croissants made and ready to bake in the morning for breakfast on day 3 (no commercial yeast)

Added by: breadcalc.com

Tags: Sourdough, Croissant

Sourdough white at about 75% Hydration

A tasty loaf with a pleasing texture using Italian White 00 Flour (118)

Added by: Rob on the Allotment

Tags: Sourdough

My simple sourdough

Easy to remember recipe for a classic bread....crisp crust, slightly chewy centre...fabulous toasted and covered in butter !

Added by: Jeremy Hughes

Tags: Sourdough

50% Wholemeal sourdough bread

light, soft, flavorful bread with just enough wholemeal to entice even those who usually turn away from brown bread.

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough

Sourdough pizza

This one is a regular favourite at our house.

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Sourdough, Pizza

Green Coriander Seed Rye Sourdough Loaf

Crushed green coriander seeds and chopped dried black olives add tasty flavours to this rye sourdough loaf, great with cream cheese

Added by: Marian Mason

Tags: Rye, Seeds, Sourdough, Herb

White Sourdough

36 Hour, cold fermented, White Sourdough, 70% Hydration. This is a delicious soft crumbed loaf that is designed to fit around your normal life.

Added by: breadcalc.com

Tags: Sourdough

Crusty white loaf (x2)

I know white bread is frowned on but as someone who loves any kind of bread, I love this white crispy loaf made with Shipton Mills's Canadian strong bread flour

Added by: Jerry Taylor

Tags: Sourdough

The Menhir Sarrasin - A Breton Buckwheat loaf

Russet red-brown buckwheat loaf made distinctive by the addition of roast buckwheat flour. Bake a dozen and you could build your own Stonehenge. Or Breadhenge. The menhir (standing stone) shape is easily made before the final proof. I love it when your own take on a bread is the latest addition to a chain that extends back into the mists of time. In this case, I was inspired by the Farine blog (http://www.farine-mc.com/2015/05/meet-baker-eric-marche.html) article about Breton-based baker Éric Marché. In the blogpost MC writes about how M.Marché roasts a small percentage of the buckwheat flour in his menhir-shaped loaves. I’ve never been a huge fan of buckwheat bread, but this sounded worth a try. It was. It’s a great idea. Delicious. This is my version of Éric Marché's loaf, using, as a template, Dan Leader’s Buckwheat Bâtard recipe which, apparently, he adapted, in turn, from an Éric Kayser recipe. Anyway, I hope I've done them justice. Alternatively, substitute half the strong bread flour for wholemeal and you'll get a darker loaf more akin to M.Marché's original. Great with cheese or cured meats.

Added by: MartinB

Tags: Sourdough, Buckwheat

Wheat Leaven bread

I have kept a wheat leaven on the go for nearly three years now. I use it to make all sorts of everyday bread. It gives a lovely texture and flavour but is not too tangy.

Added by: Hilary Beach

Tags: Sourdough

Guinness and treacle sourdough loaf

A friend emailed me from holiday saying that she had enjoyed this loaf where she was saying. I took up the challenge to devise a recipe and came up with a delicious loaf which can either be eaten as savoury or sweet, has a lovely aroma and toasts well too.

Added by: Juliet Collis

Tags: Sourdough, Beer

Danish dark rye sourdough (rugbrød)

A hearty, sweet and delicious dark rye bread for savoury toppings or breakfast

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Nuts

Rye sourdough loaf with sundried tomatoes, dried black olives and rosemary

Delicious savoury loaf lovely with feta cheese

Added by: Marian Mason

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Savoury

Rye Sourdough Loaf with Walnuts

delicious crusty nutty taste

Added by: Marian Mason

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Nuts

Child-friendly sourdough

A sourdough loaf that is mainly white flour but with wholemeal additions to give flavour. These loaves have been devoured by recipients, even children as young as 3.

Added by: Ruralidle

Tags: Sourdough

Sourdough Rye Bread

Rye bread made with Sourdough starter

Added by: grahamgreatrex

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Wholemeal spelt sourdough

Soft and Crusty, perfect for sandwiches

Added by: Andrew Hulse

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Porcini and olive sourdough

using dried porcini mushrooms and chopped Moroccan dry black olives and a mixture of Shipton Mill organic flours with a sourdough starter this loaf was a great success.

Added by: Marian Mason

Tags: Sourdough

Barley and rye bread with chopped rye (sourdough)

Just delicious! Mix of three flours and addition of chopped rye makes this bread one of a kind. I ate the whole loaf in one go!

Added by: Monika Waszkiewicz

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Barley

Easy Pain de Campagne-style sourdough

A tasty sourdough that's great for toast, with soups and just buttered!

Added by: Andrew Roads

Tags: Sourdough, Pain de Campagne

Swiss Flour sourdough

A light open texture loaf with plenty of flavour

Added by: RMD

Tags: Sourdough, Swiss

Easy Overnight Wholemeal Sourdough

One step on from my no-knead sourdough, the extra time spent kneading improves the crumb.

Added by: senrabmot

Tags: Sourdough

Pain Viennois with chocolate chips

Perfect breakfast bread, soft, buttery and with chocolate chips. What's not to like?

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough, Chocolate

Emily Dickinson Rye And Cornmeal Sourdough Variation

Not quite pumpernickel, but slices smoothly. The cornmeal rounds off the tang of the rye. "For persons of sedentary habits and dyspeptic turn, no food is more wholesome" as quoted in 'The Philosophy of Housekeeping by J.B. Lyman (1869).

Added by: Katie Zienko

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Country bread with chia and black onion seeds (sourdough)

Very healthy sourdough bread, with exceptional taste of black onion seeds. Not a fan of onion? Linseed, sunflower or pumpkin seeds can be used instead.

Added by: Monika Waszkiewicz

Tags: Sourdough

Simple Sourdough Loaf

A simply gorgeous golden slightly nutty tasting 'Mighty White' sandwich loaf that takes about 15 minutes of your time!

Added by: Corin Jeavons

Tags: Sourdough

Biga Acida (Innovative) Pagnotta

Italian biga acida/sour dough, using Italian '00' flour and strong bread flour. Based on a recipe from Dan Lepard and Richard Whittington 'Exceptional Breads'. The original recipe called for the inclusion of honey which made the bread too sweet for my taste. I have made this without honey and it works well and suited better to my personal taste. I replaced the wholemeal with spelt and used strong Canadian bread flour. Allow 5 days to make this bread. On the day of baking it could take up to 8 hours from the first kneading until the loaves are ready to go in the oven.

Added by: Andyw3

Tags: Sourdough

Easy Sourdough with Wholewheat and Light Rye

Easy sourdough prepared in mixer in 10 min

Added by: v8rick

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Pure & Simple Sourdough Recipe!

This recipe makes two loaves and involves very little hands-on time. It just uses great quality flour and slow fermentation to create an outstanding flavour and texture! More importantly it has just three ingredients and is free from any chemicals, additives and improvers typically found in mass produced supermarket bread! This recipe is for your life, not shelf life!!

Added by: ChrisG

Tags: Sourdough

Josephine's Poppy Loaf

This sourdough bread includes 10% spelt flour and seeds, which give it a great flavour while keeping the crumb texture pretty light. Also excellent toasted, on the second or third day!

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough, Spelt

Overnight Devon Honey Spelt (sourdough)

A lovely sourdough loaf with a hint of local (to me; Devon!) honey. Made with a blend of Shipton Mill white and wholemeal spelt flour.

Added by: moorbakes

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Smoked Cheese and Onion Bread

This is a variation on Richard Bertinet's Bacon and Red onion bread but uses smoked cheese (thus suitable for some vegetarians) and is fortified with sourdough batter. It makes lovely toast and would be great with a hearty soup.

Added by: CassyP

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Cheese

Prune and pink pepper sourdough rye loaf

An exquisitely flavoured rye sourdough, which was a softer, lighter loaf than I expected.

Added by: joanransley

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, fruit

Khorasan Sour Dough Bread

This interesting bread is made with a 100% khorasan sour dough starter and 100% khorasan flour for the final bread. It was a bit of an experiment but I liked how it turned out with a strong flavour and reasonable crumb. I based this recipe on the spelt leaven in Andrew Whitley's book 'Bread Matters' replacing the spelt with khorasan.

Added by: Andyw3

Tags: Sourdough, Khorasan

Sourdough Campagne Loaf with Rye

One of my favourite loaves with a subtle taste of rye, sour notes from the leaven and great texture from a long rise.

Added by: John Kilroy

Tags: Rye, Sourdough, Pain de Campagne

Overnight (or out all day) Sourdough

Sourdough loaf with Crispy Crust that you can hear crackling when removed from the oven. I make this when I'll be out all day, or overnight.

Added by: v8rick

Tags: Sourdough, photo1406

easy sourdough bread

An easy sourdough bread

Added by: Mariateresa Serra

Tags: Sourdough

Rapid Light Rye Sour

A lovely tasty White loaf with a touch of Rye and sour.

Added by: gary smith

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Tom's Overnight, No-Knead Sourdough

A delicious loaf in 10 minutes (if you ignore the waiting and the cooking time!), great for busy people.

Added by: senrabmot

Tags: Sourdough, No knead

85 percent Hydration Sourdough Ciabatta

85 percent Hydration Sourdough Ciabatta

Added by: burak1976

Tags: Sourdough, Ciabatta

Shipton's Crusty White Sourdough with modifications Rustic white sourdough

A great crusty loaf with aerated chewy crumb.

Added by: Twiddler

Tags: Sourdough

Walnut Sourdough With Swiss Dark Flour

A hearty and sweet bread for the dark autumn nights

Added by: jarkkolaine

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Ginger & Sweet Potato Muffins

Healthy, Low GI, Delicious Muffins

Added by: Matt Haselden

Seeded Sourdough

Seeded sourdough loaf

Added by: Raluca Micu

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Slow Cooked 100% Wholemeal Sourdough Bread

Wholemeal bread baked in a slow cooker

Added by: Matthias

Tags: Sourdough

Starters and Ferments

Confused by ferments and starters? We get lots of email enquiries and posts on our Facebook page about this subject. We thought it was worth a Focus of its own for anyone else out there confused by the issue.

Added by: webmaster

Sourdough bread - what is it and how to start

It may surprise you that sourdough bread is not “trendy” or the latest in a long line of “next best things”. Find out about this ancient process that produces fantastic bread.

Added by: webmaster

Tags: Sourdough

White Sourdough Bread with Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Easy to make sourdough bread . The roasted pumpkin seeds add a beautiful rustic flavour.

Added by: Matthias

Russian Rye

Dark rye bread

Added by: baldybaker

100% Wholegrain Spelt Loaf (by Julio Hevia)

Think it's impossible to bake a 100% wholegrain loaf without it turning out like a brick? Julio Hevia attempts to prove you wrong.

Added by: Julio Hevia

Wild Hare Loaf with Bath Ale (by Julio Hevia)

Wild in more ways than one this intriguing loaf includes the fabulous Bath Ales' "Wild Hare".

Added by: Julio Hevia

Sourdough Pain de Mie

aka Sandwich Bread

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough

Honey Malt Sourdough

A flavourful loaf that we especially like for breakfast

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Sprouted quinoa bread

A delicious earthy flavoured bread

Added by: Eleonora Knowland

Welsh Clay Pots Loaves by Steve Ackland

We love these little close textured loaves flavoured with herbs and cheese. They look beautiful and are a real talking point.

Added by: Steve A

Tags: Sourdough, Steve Ackland, Pot loaf

Khorasan Loaf (by Julio Hevia)

Recipe by Julio Hevia. An advanced recipe for keen bakers looking to extend their sourdough prowess!

Added by: webmaster

Crocodile Sourdough (by Julio Hevia)

A rye sourdough recipe by Julio Hevia. An advanced recipe for keen bakers looking to extend their sourdough prowess!

Added by: Julio Hevia

Sourdough bread

Grainy and seedy

Added by: Gwynneth Savage

Tags: Sourdough

Pain au Levain

A french-style country bread made with a wheat sourdough

Added by: The Slow Dough Bakery

Sourdough Buckwheat Crepes

A great use for that extra sourdough starter we all hate to throw away.

Added by: monicashaw

Tags: Sourdough

Weekly sourdough bread

Added by: Anne Chapman

Wholemeal Sourdough Dough

Not at all common, but uncommonly good, especially as a sourdough. The one pictured I made in Tuscany and it has just emerged from the wood-fired oven, with a characteristic scorch. The base is local flavoursome flour, wholemeal stone-milled and biodynamic, and is a sourdough.

Added by: webmaster

Surrey Sourdough Bread

Added by: Nikolay Penev

The Yeomans loaf or English Maslin or French pain de campagne

This is of course an approximation and no historical accuracy is implied…but it is close to the original(s) and one of my favourite breads

Added by: webmaster

Tags: Sourdough

Sourdough Cider Fruit Buns

Very traditional, caraway flavoured sourdough buns, filled with cider soaked fruit.

Added by: webmaster

Tags: Buns, Sourdough, fruit

Overnight sourdough wholemeal pot loaf

Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

Added by: webmaster

Overnight sourdough white pot loaf

Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

Added by: webmaster

Tags: Sourdough, Pot loaf

San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Patrick Singmin's procedure

Added by: Patrick Singmin

Crusty White Sourdough Bread

This is white-ish or slightly brown/freckled as the recipe employs the 100% wholemeal leaven. This is a great combination and gives good colour while still being clearly a white loaf.

Added by: webmaster

100% Wholemeal Wheat Sourdough Bread

Wholemeal wheat sourdough bread is the essence of sourdough breads. It is the most tasty with the highest nutrition.

Added by: webmaster

Sourdough Starter or Leaven

This process aims to produce a 500g sourdough starter for use in home baking. You may wish to adjust the quantities to suit you own needs, but if you stick to the relative proportions used here, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Added by: webmaster

Sour Dough Crumpets

Perfect for making when you have too much Mother

Added by: Kirsten Lynch

Sourdough with rye

A white sourdough loaf incorporating light rye

Added by: Marcus Row

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Rye and Spelt Sourdough bread

traditional sourdough bread made in a bread maker

Added by: Monika Juergens

Lighter Spelt Sourdough

A great bread for toasting.

Added by: Ruralidle

Sourdough Ciabatta

Added by: Michael Kemp

How to make a Rye Starter

A consistent and forgiving starter, which produces great flavoured breads.

Added by: webmaster

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