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Overnight (or out all day) Sourdough

Sourdough loaf with Crispy Crust that you can hear crackling when removed from the oven. I make this when I'll be out all day, or overnight.

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500g sourdough starter

400g Shipton Mill's Canadian white flour

100g Shipton Mill's organic wholemeal flour

15g salt

270g water (adjust to compensate for hydration of starter)


I use a mixer to make dough but you can still make by hand if you like.

Make sure starter is ready, put a small amount in water, if it floats it's ready.

Place flours, starter and water in bowl and mix to bring together (2 mins on slow in KitchenAid)

Cover and leave for 20 mins.

Add salt and mix on medium (4 on KitchenAid) for 8 mins, adjust your water at this point as the dough needs to be quite slack.

Form dough into a ball then cover for 5 hours (or whenever you're ready)

Remove dough gently from bowl and fold form into a ball, then place in floured proving basket (or bowl lined with floured teatowel)

Cover and leave to prove overnight (in the fridge if it's warm).

Heat oven to 240°C

Turn loaf out onto tray or straight onto stone in oven, score your pattern,

Sprinkle some water on the bottom of the oven to create steam and bake for 15 mins. then reduce heat to 200°C and bake for a futher 20 mins.

Remove from oven and see how long you can go before cutting it and adding the all important Lurpak.







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Can someone tell me how to make a starter? thanks

Mrs Susan Bullock 04 November 2014

RE: Starter

HI mix flour and water i used 250 white 250 wholeweat and 500g water in a container cover (i read somewhere to name it or it wont work,mines called sarah the sourdough starter) and leave for a few Days you will notice bubbles forming in mixture empty half away and replce with 125 flour and 250 water. After a week or so it should be ready (if a spoon full floats in room temp water its ready) you waould be best to read more in depth descriptions. some on here in recipes section Rick

v8rick 05 November 2014

Overnight (or out all day) Sourdough by v8rick

I was very interested in your recipe, but have one question. Since I have always used 35-50% of sourdough to the flour, I was some startled to see your using 100% of sourdough to flour. Is that a mistake?

Alan 27 September 2014

RE: Overnight (or out all day) Sourdough by v8rick

Hi no its not a mistake. I'm surprised sometimes how little starter is used in some recipes but i've tried it and its worked

v8rick 28 September 2014

RE: Overnight (or out all day) Sourdough by v8rick

Thanks for the answer. I will try it, and see what happens. More than one way to skin a cat!

Alan 28 September 2014

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