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Hot steaming sourdough

Sunday morning treat of freshly baked country sourdough loaf inspired by Tartine using Shipton Mill and a starter that originated in San Fransisco and got to us via Coomeshead farm bread making workshop ... we haven’t brought bread for over 5 years ...

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450 grams of Shipton traditional organic White flour,

50 grams Shipton Mill Wholemeal

12 grams Cornish sea salt

340 grams water

150 grams leaven/ starter


Using hand method no kneading

1. Mix water with leaven, and mix into flour until absorbed.

2.leave for 25 mins

3.Add salt, and work it in

4.leave for 30 minutes

5.Then Pull and fold the dough from 4 sides

6.leave for 30 minutes

repeat this at least 4 more times - keeping the dough at around 21 degrees.

7.when the dough is light and active ( like fully inflated) shape into a round, place in a floured banetton and allow to prove in fridge overnight.


8.pre heat Dutch oven in oven to gas mark 9 / 250 degrees

9.Turn dough onto a greasproof doily, slash the top of the dough and place into dutch oven with lid for 25 mins.

10.Turn oven down to gas mark8 and remove lid for aprox 20 mins or until reaches 98degrees c in centre of loaf.

Enjoy fruits of your labour!

Added by: Terry Hembrow

Tags: Bread White Sourdough

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I followed your recipe to the letter, the first batch came out beautifully but the next couple of batches had huge holes at the top and were dense at the bottom. Any idea why?

mr James Leech 26 January 2020


Overproofing is the most likely cause.

Steve 07 June 2020


Can you please tell me where do I get the leaven/starter to make sourdough? Sheila

Mrs Sheila Pickett 04 January 2020

RE: Sourdough

Hi Shelia, As mentioned in my notes, I was lucky enough to get my starter from Coombeshead Farm whilst attending a baking course. My best suggestion for you would be to find a Rustic Bakery near you and see if they will provide you with a small sample of their own - you’ll only need a teaspoon full which you can then maintain. To that end I tried to attach 2 documents which should be useful for this purpose but alas it won’t let me. The book is Tartine by Chad Robinson Hope this is helpful - good baking

Terry Hembrow 05 January 2020

RE: Sourdough

You can make an emergency starter with Live Kefir – within 24 hours. I was short of time to do this, as a previously reliable starter had gone "off". I made a starter as follows: 1) equal volumes of kefir at room temperature and flour. This works out at about 200 % hydration – the idea is to get lots of bacteria working on the flour quickly. The bacteria in kefir are lactobacilli, which is the sort that you get in starters made in more traditional ways. 2) Leave for 2-3 hours or until it begins to bubble. This can be anything from 1 hour to 12 hours depending on temperature. 3) Add in the same volume of flour again and mix. You now have approximately equal weights of kefir & flour, or 100% hydration, leave for another hour or 2. 4) Mix in equal weights of flour and filtered water (at room temperature) to bulk up the starter to the amount you need (plus a bit more to keep) and wait till it is bubbling up ( I left it overnight. If you do not have a water filter use water that has been boiled and cooled – you want to get rid of any chlorine/fluoride in the water, as it is there to kill bacteria. It is important to use water at this stage, so as to counteract the natural acidity of the kefir) ). This gives a usable sourdough starter in 12-24 hours, with a wide range of yeasts (even wider if you use home ground flour). OK, it hasn't the depth of flavour of a starter which has matured over months or years, but it provides bread with a good structure, and is the quickest way I have found to get a good starter from scratch.

Bilfen 15 February 2020

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